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Research seminar. Dan Wilson: '‘Mangled Music’: (Very) Experimental acoustics at Delawarr Laboratories, Oxford, 1949–1969'

Wednesday 14 November 2018, 4.00PM

Speaker(s): Dan Wilson (Radionics Radio)

'"Mangled Music": Experimental Acoustics at Delawarr Laboratories, Oxford 1949-1969'

The author's concept of "failed histories" outlines the dynamics that condemn many hopeful and often anachronistic innovations to obscurity as mere historical anomalies. It is argued that failed histories are ongoing, and present-day institutions have much to answer for in this respect. Historical and contemporary examples are presented, with special focus upon the electronic sound experiments and acoustical radionic concepts of Delawarr Laboratories between 1949 to 1969, drawing upon hitherto unpublished source materials. Radionics itself - a fringe science discredited by the orthodox scientific establishment - is offered as a field of historical study whereby influences and cross-influences can be traced more freely owing to the relatively self-enclosed nature of its community.

Daniel R. Wilson is a sound designer, writer, researcher and instrument builder. Wilson was Resonance 104.4fm/Sound and Music Embedded Composer in Residence for 2014 and winner of the Arts Foundation Award for electro-acoustic composition. He works under many aliases including Meadow House and Ashfordaisyak, and his debut album was released in 2006, showcasing his self-built instruments. He is also a founding member of the electroacoustic improv group Oscillatorial Binnage.

Location: D/003, Sally Baldwin D Block