Through our mental health research we aspire to enhance environments and practice relevant to mental health, whether it is in clinical services, educational settings, social care, the justice system, or global developments.

The University of York’s Student Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2021-25 and its Equality, Diversity and Inclusion agenda align with the Institute’s vision to improve lives and build flourishing communities through better mental health, especially when it relates to young people and under-served populations. Through the University’s Open DoorHuman Resources and Students' Union, our research can inform mental health and wellbeing initiatives for our students and staff.

We work with external partners and beneficiaries to develop research projects that relate to real-life priorities, dilemmas and challenges relevant to mental health. We support the development of research-aware and research-ready colleagues in health, education and social care.

To evidence the impact of our research, we are continuously collecting data and testimonials about changes in professional practice, service delivery, and user and carer experiences that have resulted from our research findings and knowledge mobilisation activities.


photo: Hospital Rooms x Rose Pilkington, De-Escalation Room, Psychiatric Intensive Care, Devon


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