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Studying With US

Areas where UYSEG staff would be happy to supervise PhD research projects

Jeremy Airey

  • Learners’ conceptual development, particularly in 11-18 biology
  • Attitudes to science teachers’ subject knowledge, particularly in relation to emerging science
  • Links between educational research and practice in school science education

Judith Bennett

  • Factors that influence attitudes, participation and engagement in science
  • Gender issues/widening participation issues in science education
  • Evaluation of interventions aimed at improving learning or participation in science

Lynda Dunlop

  • Science teaching and teacher education (primary and secondary)
  • Teaching and learning about socio-scientific issues
  • Young people’s engagement with science

Kerry Knox

  • Doctoral training in the sciences and engineering disciplines
  • Teaching and learning of science at the undergraduate level
  • Development of experimental expertise in science

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