Accessibility statement


UYSEG is interested in a wide range of aspects of the teaching and learning of science. 

Research focuses on formal and informal learning in science, learning of science ideas, attitudes, engagement and participation in science, the development of scientific literacy, systematic reviews (research syntheses) of research evidence in science education, the evaluation of interventions in science education. 

Our interests in these aspects extend from primary through to tertiary education, as well as encompassing the practice and professional development of educators at all levels.

One of the unique aspects of UYSEG’s work is its research-informed curriculum development.  We draw on our work, and the work of others, to develop courses that are used in the UK and that have also been adapted for use in many other countries. 

In England, we have four major courses. 

Three are for students aged 17-18:

  • Salters Advanced Chemistry
  • Salters Horners Advanced Physics
  • Salters-Nuffield Advanced Biology.

The fourth course is for students aged 14-16:

  • Twenty-First Century Science