Accessibility statement

Research themes

Researchers in UYSEG work with international colleagues on projects focusing on a wide range of topics encompassed by the themes listed below:

Research supporting curriculum development

  • Conceptual development
  • Formative and diagnostic assessment in science education
  • The purpose and value of practical work

The roles and practices of science teachers

  • Influences of science education research and curriculum development on teachers' practices
  • Using philosophical approaches in science teaching and learning
  • Professional development of science teachers - drivers and effects

Attitudes, participation and engagement in science

  • Science education and under-represented groups
  • The impacts of high-profile science on learners’ responses to science
  • Education for scientific literacy

Improving the quality of science education research

  • Systematic reviews of research evidence
  • Methods for evaluating the effectiveness of educational interventions
  • The use of large datasets in educational research

Contexts for science learning

  • Context-based science curricula
  • Informal science learning
  • Learning science outdoors
  • Science learning in museums and science centres

Curriculum projects

  • Salters Advanced Chemistry
  • Salters Horners Advanced Physics
  • Salters-Nuffield Advanced Biology
  • Twenty-First Century Science
  • Best Evidence Science Teaching (BEST)
  • Developing Diagnostic Assessments