Accessibility statement

Our People

Dr Jeremy Airey

  • Teaching and learning in science, particularly secondary-level biology and psychology;
  • Thinking and concept acquisition in challenging aspects of biology;
  • The structure, effectiveness and impact of continuing professional development for school science educators.

Lucy Atkinson

  • Teacher professional development
  • Context relevant education
  • Resource evaluation

Professor Judith Bennett

  • Curriculum innovation and evaluation in science education
  • Systematic reviews of research in science education
  • Attitudes to science

Dr Lynda Dunlop

  • Science Education (primary and secondary)
  • Teacher Education
  • Philosophy for children

Peter Fairhurst

  • School science education (Physics)
  • Embedded formative assessment and Assessment for Learning
  • Innovation curriculum design

Dr Kerry Knox

  • Doctoral training in the sciences and engineering disciplines
  • Teaching and learning of science at the undergraduate level
  • Development of experimental expertise in science

Emeritus Professor Robin Millar

  • Science education especially at secondary school level
  • Public understanding of science and scientific literacy
  • Development of scientific reasoning

Alistair Moore

  • Biological science education at secondary school level
  • Embedded formative assessment and Assessment For Learning
  • Innovation in curriculum design

Dr Maria Turkenburg

  • How science works and Nature of Science
  • Curriculum changes
  • Attitudes to science


Dr Martin Braund

  • Primary-secondary transition
  • Museum education
  • Discussion and argumentation in science
  • Science education in primary and secondary schools

Fred Lubben

  • Learning science in everyday contexts
  • Understanding of experimental measurement
  • Teacher professional development strategies
  • HIV/AIDS education

Christine Otter

  • Development of context-led curricula in post 16 chemistry
  • Provision of inservice support for chemistry teachers
  • Initial teacher training in science

Dr Anne Scott

  • Biological education

Dr Elizabeth Swinbank

  • Physics educational materials
  • Provision of in-service support for teachers
  • 'Frontier physics' in school curricula
  • History and philosophy of science in school curricula
  • Development of context-led physics curricula at secondary level
  • Collaboration with research physicists in universities and other institutions

Mary Whitehouse

  • Science education at secondary level
  • Education for scientific literacy
  • Assessment of science