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Science beyond the boundaries

The project

The project will develop a suite of teaching resources and pedagogical approaches for teachers of upper high school science students (age 16-19). In broadening their study of the sciences, students will gain an understanding of how knowledge is created in different disciplines. This will help them understand the contribution that the sciences and other relevant disciplines have in knowledge creation and enable them to negotiate complexity at disciplinary boundaries. Ultimately, this will help students to learn more about the assumptions that inform the practices and applications of the sciences and other disciplines relevant to contemporary issues.

A series of teaching units and a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), drawing on a synthesis of research evidence on interdisciplinarity in science teaching will be developed through this project. If you are a teacher interested in being involved please contact

Project team

Lucy Atkinson

Judith Bennett

Estelia Bórquez-Sánchez

Lynda Dunlop

Peter Fairhurst

Joanna MacDonald

Tom McLeish

Alistair Moore

Michael Reiss

Maria Turkenburg-van Diepen