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Twenty First Century Science is a suite of GCSE science courses developed by the University of York Science Education Group for OCR, with resources published by Oxford University Press.

The courses:

  • link science to modern and engaging contexts relevant to all students
  • are thorough preparation for A level, and for life as a scientifically literate citizen
  • provide comprehensive coverage of the new practical skills, mathematics skills and Working Scientifically.

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Haber, ethics and the Nobel Prize

Posted on Friday 16 December 2016

The Nobel Prize is given to people deemed to have made “an outstanding contribution to humanity”, with this year’s Nobel Prizes in chemistry, physics and physiology or medicine awarded on 10th December. But some Nobel Prize winners have been controversial, including the famous German chemist Fritz Haber.

From A to B

Posted on Sunday 6 November 2016

Since their launch in 2006 the Twenty First Century Science specifications have been OCR’s ‘A’ specifications for GCSE science. But that’s all changing in 2016.

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