Latte levy

We charge 20p for every single-use cup used on campus.

Money raised by the levy is ring-fenced for YORCUP and other sustainable initiatives carried out by the Commercial Services departments of YUSU and the University. Since its introduction in 2019, we've raised over £136,026.75 to put back into sustainable initiatives. 

What have we done with levy money?

  • Purchases new YORCUPs in 2022 from a UK supplier based in Doncaster
  • Funded the Sustainable Development Grant
  • Purchases aluminum cups for Roses 2023 to make the event as plastic free as possible
  • Bought reusable water bottles for all new first year students living on campus in 2022
  • Bought single-use cup recycling bins for use across campus
  • Put YORCUP bins around campus so you don't have to go back to an outlet with your reusable cup
  • Put a recycling station outside of the YUSU reception so staff and students can recycle different materials including cables, oral care products, pens, clothing, drinks cans, crisp packets, plastic bottles and sweet wrappers
  • Bought new outdoor furniture made from recycled plastic for Vanbrugh College, which should last for 25 years
  • Bought ballot box cigarette bins for campus
  • Gave 250 bamboo lunch boxes at Freshers
  • Donated £500 to student-led group Scoop
  • Donated £1,000 to the 2019 Tonne of Tins campaign for food banks in the local area
  • Donated £200 to Your Café in York in 2019