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Protein Production equipment

Our staff provide fully assisted technical support for the infrequent user and the facility is an excellent equipment resource for the experienced user.

Full Service Work

If you do not have the time to undertake the experiments yourself or do not intend to use the equipment frequently, we are happy to provide a full service where our experienced staff will undertake the experiments for you. In many cases this can be the most beneficial route to take as the staff are both efficient and have experience in many sample types and can often optimise the conditions and exploit other techniques that you may not have been aware of.


Enquiries: Jared Cartwright or Mick Miller


Robotics PACKHARD  Cloning and Transfection robotics
Fermentation APPLIKON 75 litre (SIP)  Bacteria/Yeast (steam-in-place)
  APPLIKON 20 litre (SIP) Bacteria/Yeast (steam-in-place)
  APPLIKON 2-7 litre autoclaveable Bacteria/Yeast/Insect/Mammalian
  APPLIKON 20 litre SUB's Bacteria/Yeast/Insect/Mammalian
  24-well multi-reactor systems Bacteria/Yeast/Insect/Mammalian
  Hollow-fibre separations Bacteria/insect
Incubation NEW BRUNSWICK General Bacterial/Yeast Incubators
  INFORS Multitron Insect Shaker Incubators
  THERMO Mammalian Incubators
Cell Disruption BANDELIN Sonication
  THERMO  Manual French Press
Centrifugation BECKMAN Process-Scale Centrifugation
  SORVAL Evolution High-Speed Centrifugation
  BECKMAN Ultracentrifugation
Purification ÄKTA Prime Low Pressure
  ÄKTA Purifier 10 HPLC - Analytical Purification
  ÄKTA Purifier 100  HPLC - Preparative Purification
Tissue Culture Molecular Biology PCR Clean-Room
  Insect  Baculovirus Culture
  Mammalian  General Mammalian Cell Culture
Imaging Syngene GeneGenius General Gel Documentation
  BioRad VersaDoc Fluorescent Imaging (gels & blots)