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Yuanyuan Zhao

Yuanyuan Zhao holds a bachelor’s degree in Music Performance (Instrument: Erhu) of Zhengzhou University. During this period, she focused on the promotion of Chinese traditional music and independent music, as well as the protection of Chinese traditional puppet drama. Yuanyuan continued her Master studies in Music and Management in University of Leeds.

In the past year, her study has focused on the project-based work. When she was doing the music management project, she realized the importance of game music. Game music has a huge fan base, which can be used as an explanation for the problem of "why live concerts always exist". At the same time, she has more ideas on the research of game music when she experienced some games. For example, when people playing game, whether the occurrence of players' emotions and feelings is related to the visual performance factors of the game, or to the performance factors of the game music itself, or the synergistic effect of the two, how the correlation is transformed into the experience of the game players, and what are the mechanisms and conditions for players' emotions to deepen into emotions through music, and whether there is a cross-cultural universality.

Picture of Yuanyuan Zhao