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Xiaoru Pan

Xiaoru Pan’s bachelor degree was Music Education with as part of the Music College at Wenzhou University in China. During those four years, she gained a number of different experiences in guiding people to know more about music. For example, organizing a music class for three grades of primary school students, leading rehearsals of choir in university and secondary school, teaching children the basic skills of playing the piano at their home as well as training Chinese traditional dancing with young ages.

She enjoyed sharing musical happiness with people as much as she could. As a result of receiving different types of responses from her students she started feeling curious with different explanations of the musical world. Such as what’s the connection between artificial music and nature sounds? Why do most great musicians have heavy breathing? How does the tempo of music while exercising encourage people to carry on their workout?

Breaking down these big questions into pieces, then choosing a small piece to begin researching it is her goal for the future.