Accessibility statement

Menglan Lyu

Menglan Lyu holds a bachelor’s degree in Musicology (Music Education oriented) and a minor certificate in Journalism from Xiamen University in China. During her undergraduate period, she focused on classroom and private teaching, piano performance and singing. She was awarded the First-Class Scholarship of Xiamen University and all kinds of honours, including the Honour of Outstanding Graduate of Xiamen University, the Honour of Merit Student of Xiamen University, and the Honour of Outstanding Student Cadre of College of Arts, Xiamen University.

After graduation, Menglan continued to pursue her Master studies in Music Education at University College London, where she became interested in Psychology of Music. This pathway provided her with a new opportunity to reflect on all of her previous music-related experiences, including those as a performer, as a student and as a teacher, from the psychological perspective. For her final master’s dissertation, she made an exploration of the aetiology and coping strategies for music performance anxiety.

Now Menglan is a PhD candidate in the York Music Psychology Group at the University of York. Her current research interest lies in cross-cultural musical emotion recognition between Chinese and Western contexts.