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Gabrielle Killen

Gabrielle Killen studied at the University of New South Wales, Australia, and graduated with a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Psychology, in 2019. Her undergraduate degree focused solely on clinical and operational psychology, where she discovered her interest for studying mental processes and how they are linked to human function and behaviour.

From a young age, Gabrielle has taken piano lessons, played flute in her high school band, and accompanied herself singing at various school and university events. While she still enjoys singing and performing as a hobby, she is focusing on incorporating music into her research career.

With the opportunity of starting a Masters in Music Psychology at the University of York, Gabrielle is able to combine her passion for music with research, and explore the complexity of emotional engagement with music and how it reflects lived experience. She hopes to further research into emotional regulation, and is particularly interested in how individuals use music to establish self-identity, strengthen interpersonal relationships, and the use of music as a coping mechanism.