Aesthetic judgement and emotional processing of contemporary music

Understanding why listeners respond differently to contemporary music.

Gazelle Twin extends her music across film, visual effects, theatre, immersive and spatial sound.

Experimental concert research

Examining what makes a classical concert.

Turning the inside out

Exploring whether facial expressions of emotion help predict experienced emotions in music.

Northern network for empirical music research

A group of researchers in the North of England engaging in empirical research that is on, with, or for music and musicians.

Streaming classical music and opera

A network exploring the challenges and opportunities presented from streaming concerts.

Reverberation modelling

Developing a new reverberation modelling system.

Music creativity and emotional content

Exploring emotional responses to support the development of soundtracks.

Modularity, immediacy and exchange in laptop improvisation

Developing a new command-style live coding environment to address the challenges of laptop improvisation.

Engineering and recording

Exploring the role of music producers and their impact on the final product.

3DMIN - The embodiment of sound

Exploring the interaction between musical instruments and the performer/audience.

AI Eurovision

Creating the UK's entry for the artificial intelligence version of the Eurovision Song Contest.


Assessing the potential benefits of group singing in reality compared to a virtual environment.


Providing new tools to enable brands and brand agencies to identify brand-fitting titles for playlists.