Our research takes us from primate ancestors to the emergence of the first states. 

Our work around the world drives debate about early hominid evolution. We explore the topics of colonisation, cognition, landscape and the environment, material culture and identity.

We place a particular emphasis on the development and application of innovative analytical technologies and addressing major archaeological questions, from Palaeolithic art and the perception of landscape to domestication and the prehistory of cuisine.


  • Ian Armit (Chair in Archaeology)
  • Geoff Bailey (Professor Emeritus)
  • Penny Bickle (Senior Lecturer in Archaeology)
  • Lindsey Büster (ERC Postdoctoral Research Associate)
  • Sam Cobb (Senior Lecturer in Anatomy)
  • Oliver Craig (Professor of Archaeological Science, Deputy Head of Department)
  • Mark Edmonds (Professor Emeritus)
  • Laura Fitton (Senior Lecturer in Anatomy)
  • Jim Leary (Lecturer in Field Archaeology)
  • Aimée Little (Senior Lecturer in Early Prehistory, Material Culture and Experimental Archaeology)
  • Nicky Milner (Professor of Archaeology, Head of Department)
  • Andrew Needham (Lecturer in Archaeology)
  • Terry O'Connor (Professor Emeritus)
  • Paul O'Higgins (Professor Emeritus)
  • Stephanie Piper (Associate Lecturer in Archaeology)
  • Penny Spikins (Professor in Archaeology of Human Origins)
  • Kevin Walsh (Professor)