Our research involves collaborations with partners across York, nationally and internationally.

The York-Dublin Axis Reconsidered - An Interdisciplinary Approach to Viking Towns

Dyflin and Jórvik (Viking Age Dublin and York) each experienced enormous change during their time as Viking colonial centres. This AHRC-funded network aims to develop new links between archaeologists, historians, academic researchers and heritage practitioners in both cities.

The project is a collaboration with the University of Glasgow (PI Stephen Harrison) and specialists and stakeholders from the cities of York and Dublin. The steering committee includes Ruth Johnson (Dublin City archaeologist), Emer Purcell (National University of Ireland), Andy Woods (Yorkshire Museum), Claire McCrae (City of York archaeologist) and Chris Tuckley (YAT). Our first workshop took place online, and was a great success. 

Project lead at York: Dr Steve Ashby

Recovering Eboracum: exploring the potential for virtual digital interactions with York’s hidden Roman Heritage 

Researchers in the department are working with York Archaeological Trust to explore the use of gamification to bring excavations to virtual audiences. This is a story-led approach intended to enhance the ways people are able to experience and understand York's Roman heritage.

Project lead: Dr Kate Giles


York's First Photographs

Working with the Yorkshire Philosophical Society and the Yorkshire Museums Trust, researchers in the department were part of the creation of a trail through the Museum Gardens. This photographic journey highlighted the work of twelve Victorian 'visionaries, innovators and influencers' who visited the gardens in 1841, believed to have been the first photographs taken in York. Their visit was captured on camera by D O Hill and R Adamson.

This project is a collaboration with the Yorkshire Museum and the Yorkshire Philosophical Society.

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Department liaison: Dr Colleen Morgan