Athena SWAN Committee

The Athena SWAN committee meets twice per term. They oversee implementation of the Athena SWAN action plan, created for the Bronze Award application. In addition, they consider issues relating to gender equality that have arisen at other departmental committees, and provide support and advice to any staff or students on gender issues.

Stephanie Wynne-Jones (Athena SWAN Chair)

Penny Spikins (Equality and Diversity Champion)

John Schofield (Director of Studies, Cultural Heritage Management)

Nicky Milner (Head of Department)

Oliver Craig (Chair of Board of Studies)

Jon Finch (Chair of Research Committee)

Dav Smith (T&S rep)

Matthew Jenkins (Disability Officer)

David Orton (Exams Officer)

Penny Bickle (Admissions Officer)


Athena SWAN application

The department was recently awarded Bronze by the Equality Charter Unit. The successful application can be viewed here. Athena SWAN bronze application 2018 (successful) (PDF , 3,941kb)