2023-24 timeline


Applicants should:


Applicants should:

  • Attend the promotions information session, or catch up on the recording
  • Share their application document with colleagues to get feedback and ideas for possible referees

Heads of Department will:

  • Consult with senior departmental colleagues on a report to accompany each application
  • Share their report with applicants. They may incorporate any applicant comments into the final version


Applicants should:

  • Finalise their application by noon on Friday 26 January 2024

Heads of Department will:

  • Complete their report by noon on Friday 16 February 2024 including asking the applicant to sign the HoD Report by this date please.
  • For applications to Grade 8 and above, complete their HoD referees report by Friday 16 February 2024 with details of the order referees should be contacted in.


Faculty panels will meet:

  • Before meeting, panel members will individually review each application
  • Applications for Grade 7: the Panel will recommend if an applicant should be promoted or not
  • Applications for Grade 8 and above: The panel will prepare an advisory report for the Academic Promotions Committee


Promotions Committee will meet:

  • The Academic promotions Committee will review applications to Grade 7 and agree whether to approve the promotion.
  • HR notifies Grade 7 applicants of the outcome.
  • The Academic promotions Committee will individually review the promotion applications and FPP reports for positions at Grade 8 and above
  • At the meeting, the committee decides if each applicant has made a prima facie case for promotion. If so, HR will request references
  • The Committee writes to unsuccessful applicants, advising them to seek feedback from their FPP Chair

HR seek references from the nominated referees

  • Alternative referees may have to be identified if a referee is unwilling or unable to provide a reference


HR continues to seek references from nominated referees


  • The Committee meets again, with references, to agree its final decisions for promotion


  • HR notifies applicants of outcomes in July
  • Promotions take effect from 1 October, the start of the new academic year