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The University of York values the diversity of its students and staff and is committed to the creation of a fair, welcoming and inclusive environment, positive environment which is fair, welcoming and inclusive and where everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

What we gain from our diverse communities is immeasurable. We want all our students to feel they are an integral part of the York community, and together we will create an inclusive culture where everyone can contribute to university life, knowledge and growth.

The Department of Theatre, Film, Television and Interactive Media is committed to the university’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy and supports all staff and students to achieve their potential and make a full contribution to departmental life. We firmly believe that diversity enriches the development of creative ideas in theatre, film, TV and interactive media and we are committed to inclusion and equal opportunities in all areas of teaching. The Department expects all staff and students, working in teams or individually, to treat each other, and each other’s work and efforts, with respect and care at all times.

We celebrate and value diversity, and aim to advance equality and inclusion through our teaching, research and practice. As a department, we: 

  • foster a supportive and egalitarian environment for all staff and students
  • promote good practice around equality, diversity and inclusion in higher education and the creative industries
  • take a proactive approach to tackling systemic inequalities and the challenges faced by women, minority groups and people with disabilities in higher education and the creative industries 
  • signpost staff and students to the supports available to them during their work and study at the University of York 

For more information on the university’s EDI policy, please visit:


Departmental Projects

TFTI completed and reported on the Diversifying Content Project in 2020/21. This project aimed to expand upon the texts, media and methodologies we currently teach with explicit reference to the gender and ethnicity of our authors, practitioners and visiting speakers. You can view the full report and findings here (university login required).

TFTI against racism

Black Lives Matter Statement: The Department of Theatre, Film, Television and Interactive Media is committed to anti-racist practice and stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter protests that have emerged as a global phenomenon in the wake of the killing of George Floyd. Aligned with the principles stated by the Vice-Chancellor in his message regarding an inclusive community and the University’s pledge to challenge systemic inequalities, expose injustice and fight for fairness, our commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion is central to the Department's strategy.


Screen Industries Growth Network (SIGN) SIGN is a £6.4m three-year project based at TFTI and funded by Research England, the University of York and its partners. SIGN’s work focuses on making Yorkshire and the Humber the UK’s centre for digital creativity and a model of diverse and inclusive activity. SIGN’s Diversity and Inclusion work stream aims to foster a clear understanding of diversity and inclusion barriers in screen industries, and to enable wider participation through working with industry and the public to build a diverse and inclusive workforce, diverse content and diverse audiences. In order to do this, SIGN connects companies, support agencies and universities through a programme of training, business development, research and evaluation. We recognise the strength and creativity that a diverse and inclusive workforce brings, and aim to increase access to opportunities across the screen industries.

Key contacts

Dr Fiona Keenan chair or the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee Dr. Ben Kirman is the Disabilities Contact in the department