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Technical support

This information will be useful to DL providers in relation to e-learning and the Yorkshare (VLE). The stages covered are as follows:

  • Stage one: Have you just started to consider developing an online delivered distance course and want an idea of what might be facilitated?
  • Stage two: Are you definitely developing an online course and need to understand some of the major considerations to take into account?
  • Stage three: Do you have a good idea of specific materials you need to deliver online and need to get going with their development?
  • Stage four: Are you in the process of developing materials/activities for online deployment and need support in shaping its access?

Stage one

Stage one resources

Yorkshare Headquarters Inspiration Tab

The 'Inspiration' tab at Yorkshare Headquarters is a constantly updated resource that provides case studies of modules (from around the University) that use an online element to engage students (including distance learning specific examples).  If you are particularly interested in using the Yorkshare (VLE) to help facilitate your course this is a good place to start in order to see what might be achieved.

The E-Learning Development Team

Staff should consult with the  E-Learning Development Team in person if considering delivering a distance course (particularly when considering facilitating it with Yorkshare).  A number of the University's most successful Yorkshare (VLE) facilitated distance courses have all had strong involvement from us throughout the process.

Stage two

Stage two resources 

Distance Learning Checklist

The aim of this checklist is to inform staff who wish to develop online distance courses of the key issues that need to be considered; particularly when the intention is to use the Yorkshare (VLE) to facilitate delivery.

Supporting Online Communication and Collaboration with Yorkshare

This summary guide provides an overview for some of the pedagogical models that can be applied to online communication and collaboration.  The guide focuses on asynchronous communication and how it can be supported by tools found within the Yorkshare (VLE) environment drawing on real examples from various departments.

Introduction to E-Moderation

This guide (a useful companion to the 'Supporting Online Communication and Collaboration with Yorkshare' guide) provides  more specific details about the reasons you might introduce online discussion, what type of activities you might consider implementing and then how you would moderate/facilitate those activities moving forward.

Supporting Online Assessment with Yorkshare

Using examples from different departments this guide provides an overview for some of the pedagogical models that can be applied to online assessment and feedback.  It covers a number of techniques and tools that can be employed including various ways students can be allowed to submit work digitally through the Yorkshare (VLE) for marking and feedback as well as self-diagnosis/undertaking formative exercises using Yorkshare's test (quiz) tool.

Stage three

Stage three resources 

Guide to Content Planning and Development

If you are already roughly aware of what you may need to develop to deliver course materials online then this guide can be very useful in helping you approach the developmental process.  It covers the use of a storyboard to help you plan and also some useful development tips; particularly relating to use of the Yorkshare (VLE).

Accessibility Checklist

It is of utmost importance that all materials produced for potential students are appropriately accessible; including to those who may have an impairment that effects engagement with resources (for instance an eyesight problem).  This guide provides an overview of the type of issues you need to take into consideration when developing your course/course materials and also why you need to consider them.

Copyright Checklist

This is a Yorkshare (VLE) specific guide as to what you need to consider when making resources available to students in terms of their copyright; particularly if the resources are not originals fully designed by you. The library also provides more generic guidance in the area of copyright.

Stage four

Stage four resources 

Yorkshare Headquarters Useful Tab

The 'Useful' tab at Yorkshare Headquarters is a constantly developing resource that provides content you can copy and paste directly into your Yorkshare (VLE) module (for example instructions on how to use a blog or wiki).

Yorkshare Headquarters/Yorkshare Guides Tab

The 'Guides' tab at Yorkshare Headquarters (also visible when you are fully logged into Yorkshare) provides guidance and advice on all areas of e-Learning development from single page guides on how to set up Yorkshare tools through to guides on potential pedagogic models that can be used to facilitate teaching online.

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