Accessibility statement

Animals (pets) in the workplace

Posted on 13 June 2019

In response to an increasing number of requests from managers for clarity about the University’s policy on animals (pets) in the workplace, a new policy and guidance has been developed.

The aim of the policy is to ensure that the University workplace is professional, healthy, safe and hygienic for all members of staff, to provide much needed clarity for managers and staff and to ensure a consistent approach is adopted. The policy supports compliance with health and safety legislation and good practice in the workplace.

In summary, the only animals permitted in the workplace will be assistance animals.

The University’s campus trade unions have been consulted on the detail of the policy and are supportive of it.

We appreciate some members of staff have brought their pets onto campus for periods of time in the past, and so to provide time for staff to make alternative arrangements for the care/attention of their pets, this policy will be effective from the start of the summer break on 21 June 2019. Staff can approach our employee assistance provider if they need help sourcing alternative arrangements.

Please note that these policies refer specifically to the workplace. Our campus grounds and public spaces are open to all and we welcome people to visit with their pets. We  require owners to keep dogs under control and to clean up any mess. 

Jo Horsbrugh 
Registrar and Secretary

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