Tulips and yews

Honorary, visiting and associate staff

Dr Anne Akeroyd
Honorary Fellow

01904 323053

  • Socio-cultural aspects of the body and of health and illness, in particular women's health
  • Gendered aspects of HIV/AIDS, especially in Africa, and related issues of gendered violence and of women’s rights
  • Comparative perspectives on gender, especially in East Asia and Southern Africa

Prof Colin Campbell
Emeritus Professor
01904 433057

  • Culture and cultural change
  • Sociology of religion
  • Action theory

Dr Antonio Melechi
Honorary Research Fellow


  • The social history of the unconscious
  • New Age 'science'
  • The psychology of imposture
  • Subcultural politics

Dr Jennie Morgan
Honorary Research Fellow


  • Ethnography
  • Politics of contemporary museums and heritage institutions

Professor Rolland Munro
Honorary Professor


  • Culture and Identity
  • Philosophy of Organisation
  • Technology and the Posthuman

Dr Barry Sandywell
Honorary Fellow

01904 323045

  • Sociological theory
  • Sociology of philosophy
  • (Post)modern social thought
  • Contemporary European philosophy and social theory
  • Reflexive social science

Prof Sue Wilkinson
Honorary Professor


  • Conversation analysis
  • End-of-life issues, especially Advance Decisions
  • Genders & sexualities