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Saturday 2 November

Not just one housing crisis: health, opportunity and where you live

Date: Saturday 2 November, 2019

Time: 2pm to 3.30pm

Venue: King's Manor, University of York

There are all sorts of links between where we live, our health, our quality of life and the opportunities we have available to us. As more people face high rents and mortgage payments, live with short-term tenancies and experience poor housing conditions, lack of space or overcrowding, what do we know about how this might be influencing or health?

Wages have not kept track with housing costs for many years now, making it harder to make ends meet, particularly as areas which have more jobs also have higher housing costs, what is this doing to our economy and the chances for people to find and keep the kind of work they want to do? Why is the UK facing rising levels of homelessness and rough sleeping?

In a city like York, what can social science research tell us about how to better understand the challenges and finding effective ways to address these social problems?

Organised by Nicholas Pleace.

Monday 4 November

My Home Is Not My Home exhibition opening

Date: Monday 4 November 2019

Time: 6pm to 9pm

Venue: Norman Rea Gallery, University of York

My Home is Not My Home is a collaborative research project held by an academic, a filmmaker and twelve migrant domestic workers from The Voice of Domestic Workers in London. It emerged as a response to the invisibility and marginality of migrant domestic workers due to their class, gender and ethnic positions.

The exhibition presents a combination of video interviews and mobile phone footage produced by migrant domestic workers who were trained in video production during the participatory workshop series. The exhibition also presents photos, documents and other items which are integral to the identity construction of migrant domestic workers.

Further information can be found on the My Home Is Not My Home website.

Organised by Joyce Jiang.

This exhibition will run from 5 to 12 November in the Norman Rea Gallery.

Climate change negotiations: test your skills and achieve zero carbon emissions

Date: Monday 4 November 2019

Time: 6pm to 8pm

Venue: Marriott Room, York Explore Library and Archive

We would like to invite participants to take part in a climate change negotiation game, where they work in teams to take on the roles of ambassadors for different countries to achieve zero carbon emissions. Participants will consider the role of economics, trade, global development and domestic politics as they work together to develop a plan to combat climate change

Organised by Eleanor Jew.

Inspiring Human Rights Activism: exhibition opening

Date: Monday 4 November, 2019

Time: 6.30pm to 9pm

Venue: JB Morrell Library, University of York

The Centre for Applied Human Rights (CAHR) is excited to host an exhibition showcasing how the public creatively engage with human rights activism in York and beyond.

At the exhibition opening, visitors will have a chance to see original art and meet the artists themselves, as well as joining us in celebrating the winners of the Inspiring Human Rights Activism art competition.

Visitors will also learn about the research done at CAHR to understand, celebrate and promote the work of human rights defenders.

Organised by Tallulah Lines.


Our research with you

Date: Monday 4 November 2019

Time: 6.30 to 9.30pm

Venue: Priory Street Centre, York

Come and hear examples of ways in which you can shape and collaborate on exciting research taking place at the University of York.

From increasing understanding and awareness of food poverty to co-developing new approaches to improving mental health and well-being, the public have a vital role to play in shaping and generating new research which tackles important real-world challenges. A number of short illustrated talks will give examples of collaborative projects between researchers at or partnering with the University of York and members of the public, including patients. They will show how public involvement can go beyond participating in trials, interviews and questionnaires, to fully partnering with researchers to decide which questions should be prioritised and co-designing different approaches and potential solutions.

Ask your own questions about a range of inspirational projects and afterwards enjoy some snacks and drinks and an opportunity to talk to some of the researchers.

Organised by Philip Kerrigan.


Tuesday 5 November

Wednesday 6 November

Seebohm Rowntree and the question of poverty

Date: Wednesday 6 November 2019

Time: 11am to 12.30pm

Venue: Lifelong Learning Suite, Borthwick Institute for Archives, University of York

A drop in session introducing visitors to the pioneering sociological work of Benjamin Seebohm Rowntree through the exhibition of archival material relating to his investigations into the extent and causes of poverty in York. 

Considered one of the founders of empirical sociology, the session will explore the methods Rowntree used and the influence of his work in challenging prevailing attitudes to poverty at the highest levels of government.

Organised by Sally-Anne Shearn.

Building peace, improving health: an evening with perspectives from Colombia

Date: Wednesday 6 November 2019

Time: 6.30 to 8.30pm

Venue: Merchant Adventurers’ Hall, Fossgate, York

The signing of the 2016 peace agreement in Colombia made international headlines, but what happened next? Join us for an evening with perspectives on how investing in people’s health has become crucial to building a stable and brighter future for Colombia.

Chat with international experts about the impact of the decades-long conflict on the nation’s health, and hear from community health workers and ex-combatants themselves on their hopes and dreams for the future. 

Organised by Rodrigo Moreno-Serra.


The big food quiz

Date: Wednesday 6 November 2019

Time: 7.30pm to 9.30pm

Venue: Golden Ball Pub, Bishophill, York

Who will be the top banana? If you are the ultimate foodie, know your apples from your oranges and have a hunger to win, The Big Food Quiz is for you!

We will be dishing out some tricky questions, testing your knowledge of ingredients, food sources and much more. There may even be a taste test round! The winning team will receive a top prize - you breader believe it!

Organised by YESI.


Thursday 7 November

Becoming a digital citizen

Date: Thursday 7 November 2019

Time: 6.30 to 7.30pm

Venue: Berrick Saul Lecture Theatre, University of York (provisional)

This lecture will take you on a journey into the digital forest. Along the way we will introduce you to some of the heroes and villains of the online world, we will grapple with the various facets of what it means to be a digital citizen, and explore the skills that are required to participate in our increasingly digital society.

Organised by Susan Halfpenny.

Friday 8 November

York citizen food assembly

Date: Friday 8 November 2019

Time: 9.30am to 3pm

Venue: Main Hall, Priory Street Centre, York

As part of the Festival, and Green Great Britain Week, YESI, IKnowFood, the UK National Food Strategy and Good Food York have come together to hold a Citizen Food Assembly to get the views and opinions of York Citizens on the UK food system.

Food... if you eat it, grow it, make it or sell it, come and join us. Join the conversation around sustainable healthy diets, food poverty and food waste, and help define how York's food system should be changed to the benefit of all. A sustainable lunch will be provided.

Organised by Bob Doherty.


Exhibition talk: Art, domestic workers and activism

Date: Friday 8 November 2019

Time: 3 to 4.30pm

Venue: Norman Rea Gallery, University of York

Join us for a panel discussion on art, domestic workers and activism. Dr Joyce Jiang from University of York, Tassia Kobylinska from Goldsmiths, Marissa Begonia from The Voice of Domestic Workers and migrant domestic workers will talk about their participatory film project - 'our journey'.

Organised by Joyce Jiang.

Saturday 9 November

Visualising the voice of migrant domestic workers in London: A conversation on art, labour and activism

Date: Saturday 9 November 2019

Time: 2.30 to 4pm

Venue: York Explore Library and Archive, York

Join us for a screening of 'our journey' - the participatory film project on migrant domestic workers produced by Dr Joyce Jiang from University of York, Tassia Kobylinska from Goldsmiths and The Voice of Domestic Workers, followed by a panel discussion on art, labour and activism chaired by London-based curator and Cubitt Curatorial Fellow Louise Shelley.

Organised by Joyce Jiang.