We have a number of exceptionally talented students working on a variety of topics from air quality to climate change, sustainable consumption to ecosystems services.

The following students are at least 50 per cent under the supervision of SEI staff:

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Sagarmoy Phukan

Sagarmoy Phukan PhD

Supervisors: Dr Rachel Pateman and Dr Steve Cinderby

Sagarmoy Phukan is from Assam, India and has a postgraduate degree in Climate Science and Policy from TERI School of Advanced Studies, New Delhi. He has completed his Bachelor degree from University of Delhi.

His thesis is on Citizen Science beyond the Western World. A topic through which he wants to understand how citizen science can be used to create accountability with respect to sustainability issues.


Emilie Stokeld

Emilie Stokeld

Supervisors: Dr Chris West, Dr Simon Croft and Dr Lindsay Stringer (Department of Environment and Geography).

Emilie is a research trainee with the Sustainable Consumption and Production Group. Her PhD is about cascading climate change risks via trade. It looks at how climate change impacts that occur in one temporal and geographical location lead to impacts in other locations, and focusing on how this occurs through trade.


Rachel Headings

Rachel Headings

Supervisors: Prof Tony Heron  (Politics Dept) and Dr Jon Ensor

Rachel is an Environment and Politics PhD student. Her research explores resilience within community food systems in the context of climate change, Brexit and COVID-19. With a background in non-profits, community organisations and local government, Rach’s research interests centre around social and environmental justice, food poverty, inequality and the impacts of power and governance in agricultural communities.

Pritha Pande

Pritha Pande

Supervisors: Prof Lisa Emberson (Dept of Environment and Geography), Dr Chris Malley and Dr Kevin HIcks 

Pritha Pande is an Environmental Economics & Environmental Management PhD student with SEI York and the Department of Environment and Geography at the University of York. She is working on estimating the impacts of Short-Lived Climate Pollutants (aerosol and ozone)  on rice-wheat cropping rotations in India. 


Smriti Safaya

Supervisors: Dr Sarah West and Dr Lynda Dunlop (Department of Education)

Smriti is a distance-learning Department of Education PhD student working with SEI York on interdisciplinary research combining citizen science, pro-environmental behavioural science and experiential education.



Ginelle Greene

Ginelle Green Profile Photo

Supervisors: Dr Corrado Topi and Prof Tony Heron (Politics Dept)

Ginelle works with both the Department of Politics and SEI. Her research is focused on the topic of sustainable green transition and climate governance: explaining processes and outcomes. Specifically, she is interested in understanding and explaining variances across multiple case studies, using the example of small island developing states.


Guido Rutten

 Guido Rutten Profile Picture

Supervisor: Dr Steve Cinderby

Guido is a PhD student with SEI York and also works with the UN International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD). His research looks at how complex adaptive systems theory is being applied in engineered social-ecological systems, trying to better understand how people use concepts such as adaptability, resilience and robustness. He uses a comparative case study analysis between Viet Nam and the Netherlands, zooming in on freshwater management under changing climatic and environmental conditions.

 Alda Tono

Alda Tomo Profile Picture

 Supervisor: Dr Jon Ensor and Dr Peter Howley

Alda’s research looks at the role of ecosystem-based adaptation to climate change and its implication for rural households' welfare in Mozambique.  Her research focuses specifically on the issues of integration of the principles of ecosystem-based adaptation to address climate change, with particular focus on drought management in the context of agriculture and food security in Mozambique.


Carina Mueller

Carina Mueller PhD student

Supervisors: Dr Chris West and Professor Dr Bob Doherty (School of Management)

Carina's PhD is looking at the link between consumption and international Natural Capital impacts and dependencies. Her research is particularly interested in methods to understand the consequences of agricultural consumption decisions on global ecosystem services and Natural Capital (‘global telecoupling’). Using novel data on the transparency and traceability of globalised supply chains, material trade flow modelling and satellite-derived land cover maps will allow to take into account the spatial heterogeneity in ecosystem quality of agricultural production regions.

M M Golam Rabbani
 Rabbani is a PhD student at the Environment and Geography department, working on the perception on environmental migration under the supervision of Dr John Forrester and Dr Joshua Krishner since October, 2018.

Supervisors:  Dr John Forrester and Dr Joshua Krishner (Dept of Environment and Geography)

Rabbani's research specifically focuses the perception of Environmental Migration. He is looking in the developing country context, Bangladesh, where he grew up. 


William Burn

 Will Burn


Supervisor: Dr Andreas Heinemeyer

Will is a NERC iCASE PhD student at SEI, partnered with Natural England. He has a BSc in Plant Science from the University of Sheffield during which time he worked part-time as a technician on a large NERC project examining growth history and photosynthetic systems in grasses. Will’s PhD aims to link habitat status to microbial communities in blanket bog, achieved with a large-scale mesocom experiment that links the results of long term monitoring of blanket bog mesosoms with next generation sequencing of microbial communities. 

Christine Gemell
Christine Gemmell

Supervisors: Dr Steve Cinderby, Dr Sarah West and Dr Alison Dyke

Christine is a Human Geography and Environment PhD Student working on environmental communication. Her research focuses on quantifying the effects of environmental campaigns on pro-environmental behaviour.


Abby Mycroft

 Abby Mycroft


Supervisor: Dr Andreas Heinemeyer

Abby has a BSc (hons) in Environmental Science from The University of Nottingham and a MSc in Hydrogeology from The University of Birmingham. Between her undergraduate and masters degree she worked as a Chemical Analyst analysing soil and water for organic chemical contaminants using GC/MS. Her PhD is entitled ‘Linking blanket bog management, habitat status and climate to peat chemistry, carbon storage and water quality’ and aims to provide answers to the key practitioner question of: how favourable is a habitat and which vegetation community and management regime is best in relation to C-storage, DOC compounds affecting water quality and greenhouse gas emissions? 

Sergio Paramo Ortiz Supervisors: Dr Corrado Topi and Dr Samarthia Thankappan (Dept Environment and Geography)

Exploring the nature of social innovations generated by social enterprises: the case of Mexico

Manogna Goparaju

Manogna Goparaju Profile picture

Supervisors: Dr Corrado Topi and Prof Piran White (Dept of Environment and Geography)

In 2013 the Indian government amended its 1956 Companies Act to include corporate social responsibility (CSR) into it, making it mandatory for a category of private sector organisations. Manogna's PhD mapped the consequences of this newly institutionalised law and the effects it has on the private sector in India as well as on the concept of CSR. Additionally, the research aimed to understand the drivers and barriers that organisations have while adopting and implementing CSR. 

Former students:

Chubamenla Jamir, Leha Jeha, Andriannah MBandi, Phoebe Morton, Stephanie Osborne, Guilia Paggiola, Anjar Priandoyo, Tortrakal Wattanoavorakijkul, Olajide Olawoyin, Jehad Jabr Nasser Albusaidi 



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+44 (0)1904 322 2897
SEI, Third Floor Environment Building, Wentworth Way, University of York, York, UK YO10 5NG