York expands its quantum communications expertise with new appointment

News | Posted on Tuesday 6 October 2020

The University of York is delighted to announce the appointment of Professor Marco Lucamarini as Chair in Experimental Quantum Communications and Director of Research at the York Centre for Quantum Technologies.

Professor Marco Lucamarini

Professor Lucamarini joins the University from a senior position in Toshiba’s Cambridge Research Laboratory where he conducted research into optical physics, quantum information and quantum key distribution. 

Prior to that, he worked at a number of universities and institutions contributing to pioneering experiments such as the active quantum teleportation of a photon, the open-loop protection of a polarisation qubit and a two-way protocol for quantum key distribution (QKD) – which facilitates secure data communications. 

More recently, he was instrumental in leading a breakthrough which marks the beginning of a quantum repeaters era. The novel scheme, termed Twin-Field QKD, can extend the range of QKD to well over 500 km when applied down standard optical fibre and beyond 100 dB in a lossy quantum channel. This makes quantum secure communications on fibre links between geographically dispersed cities possible for the first time.

Professor Lucamarini has worked with the University before in a team of researchers who collaborated with the Quantum Communications Hub to bring the UK’s first quantum network into existence. The Hub is a York-led multi-university and industry collaboration aimed at delivering future-proof, practical and secure quantum communications with funding from the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme

In his new role, Professor Lucamarini will work within the York Centre for Quantum Technologies, which brings together York’s quantum technology research capability in the departments of Computer Science, Electronic Engineering, Mathematics and Physics. This will be supported by the development of new state-of-the-art experimental laboratories being built as part of the new Institute for Safe Autonomy.

Professor Tim Spiller, of Quantum Information Technologies, said: “Marco brings extensive research expertise, industry links and a unique set of skills. He also has a track record of major achievements in the area of QKD implementation security and substantial experience of quantum networking field trials, making him the ideal candidate to build further on York’s leadership in quantum communications.”

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