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David ‌‌

Physics, 2013
Electrical Engineer, Jaguar Land Rover

I started work at Jaguar Land Rover in the September after I graduated, having been offered the job in March of my final year. In my role, as Electrical Engineer, I am responsible for setting current consumption targets for electrical components in the cars, and for ensuring that the battery and alternator work well in all situations. I am also involved in researching and testing future energy-saving technologies for the vehicles.

I really enjoyed the experimental elements of my degree, and this is what led me into engineering - I wanted a hands-on job that allowed me to work at the forefront of industry. I gained a large number of skills that have served me well in my role at Jaquar Land Rover.

"Having a physics degree gave me a noticeable advantage, as I am able to bring a new viewpoint and unique skills to a sector usually dominated by engineering graduates. I have also put into practice the presentational and writing skills which my degree taught me, and which have proved invaluable."

I chose physics because I have a natural curiosity for understanding how things work, right down to the smallest scale. I'd been interested in the field for many years before applying, and knew that this was a degree I would love.

The course at York gave me the opportunity to study a wide variety of areas within physics, as well as allowing me to focus on the areas I was most interested in - Plasma and Nuclear physics. The York Plasma Institute and Laboratories were a huge bonus, meaning I could study in a world class environment with respected, experienced and friendly researchers.

Beyond the degree, I loved my time in York. The city is a fantastic place to live, filled with history, a great shopping area and a large number of fantastic pubs. I was able to immerse myself in the city, through working in the centre and through acting as an ambassador for the Physics Department and its students in many different roles. It was a shame to leave York after four years, but I left with skills and experiences that really helped my employability and made me stand out. ‌