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Details of current research students and PhD topics:

Marcus Hulme
Preventive Justice: Law, Theory and Practice
Supervisor: Professor Matt Matravers
Sherif Azer
On Tweets and Treaties: Cyberactivisits as Human Rights Defenders and their role in the Arab Spring
Supervisors: Martin Jones and Dr Alice Nah
Charlotte Ellis
Methodology in Contract Law
Supervisor: Professor Jenny Steele 
Nu Hud
Terrorism and the Changing Face of Freedom of Freedom of Freedom of Expression in the UK
Supervisors: Dr Joanna Gilmore and Professor Matt Matravers
Elliott Keech
Crime, Innovation and the Technology of Money
Supervisors: Dr Sarah Wilson and Dr Henry Yeomans
Andre Pringle
What Role for Environmental Regulation in the prevention and utilisation of food waste?
Supervisor: Professor Simon Halliday
Jonathan Fisk
The question of the nature and purpose of consent in medicine and the extent to which these can be derived from a coherent ethical framework
Supervisors: Professor Matt Matravers
Petronel Geyser
Counter-Terrorism Financing in South Africa
Supervisors: Dr Lawrence McNamara and Professor Matt Matravers
Jessica Gracie
Vicarious Liability and the Gig Economy: A Socio-Legal Study of the Regulation and Perceptions of Risk
Supervisors: Professor Simon Halliday and Dr Phillip Morgan
Jane Hill
Patenting Artificial Intelligence
Supervisor: Dr Peter Harrison
James Killen
Human rights defenders at risk: Security, psychological trauma and state responsibility
Supervisors: Martin Jones
Michael Robinson
Meeting aspirations?  Evaluating the assessment of Personal Independence Payment from a Disability Rights perspective
Supervisors: Professor Charlotte O'Brien and Dr Jed Meers
Rhiannon Griffiths
Memory, transitional justice, and social control in East Asia
Supervisor: Dr Ioana Cismas
James Hart
The Admissibility of Conduct Subsequent to the Execution of a Contract as an Aide to Contractual Interpretation: A Doctrinal, Empirical, and Comparative Analysis
Supervisor: Dr Phillip Morgan
Carl Makin
Regulation and reality: towards a tenant-centric understanding of social housing law
Supervisor: Professor Caroline Hunter
Alice Trotter
Architectures of inequality? Employing a human rights perspective to study the built environment of the city of York, United Kingdom
Supervisors: Dr Ioana Cismas and Professor Paul Gready (CAHR/Politics)
Sam Guy
Access to environmental justice in a contested costs framework: how can judicial review crowdfunding affect the UK legal opportunity structure?
Supervisors: Dr Joe Tomlinson and Professor Simon Halliday
Zaki Kaf Al-Ghazal
What are the problems with the understanding and enforcement of legal norms in a regime of sovereign states with reference to crimes against humanity?
Supervisors: Dr Kate Leader and Professor Matt Matravers
Atoosa Khatiri
The women and children of ISIS and their journeys back home: Challenges in the UK and beyond
Supervisors: Dr Ioana Cismas and Dr Lawrence McNamara
Charlie Tye
To what extent should principles of civil and criminal liability in England and Wales be attached to the harms inflicted by individual and collective acts within the Manosphere? The Manosphere is a network of male-orientated subcultures, communities, blogs, and Torums which subscribe to a philosophy known as the ¿Red Pill¿
Supervisors: Professor Matt Matravers and Dr Phillip Morgan
Le Nam Vo
An analysis of open banking regulations and their legal impact on banking structure
Supervisors: Professor Jay Cullen, Dr Phillip Morgan and Simos Gerasimou (Computer Science) 
Stefano Faraoni
Artificial Intelligence and liability: From smart contracts to persuasive technology
Supervisors: Dr Phillip Morgan and Dr Sean Thomas
Thomas Knight
Privacy in emerging adulthood: A study of Generation Z's legal consciousness
Supervisors: Professor Simon Halliday and Professor TT Arvind
Lucia Varela Vazquez
Sexual and Reproductive Rights for young women and girls in the Dominican Republic.
Supervisors: Dr Dimitrios Tsarapatsanis and Dr Alex Green