Awards from the third Centre for Future Health Funding Round

The Centre for Future Health Steering Group met on 27 April to consider twenty-four applications for funding. The standard of applications was very high and the total of £801,261 requested was almost twice the amount of funding available. Details of the individual projects are listed below. Congratulations to all recipients.

Further details about the majority of projects we have funded to date can be found on our 'Funded Projects' page.

Project leadProject titleDepartments involved
Kamran Siddiqi TB & Tobacco PLUS: A plan to integrate and scale up tobacco cessation within TB programmes in Bangladesh and Pakistan Health Sciences, SPSW
Richard Ogden Engaging with the Deaf Community: Raising awareness of the British Sign Language Translation of the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire Language and Linguistic Science, Health Sciences
Beth Jefferies A new approach to stroke aphasia rehabilitation Psychology
Dean McMillan Implementing Outcome Feedback Technology across NHS Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) Services Health Sciences
Steven Johnson Microelectronic biosensor for testing antibiotic resistance Electronic Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Biology
Agnes Noy Understanding DNA-processing molecular motors from Human Papillomavirus for designing anti-viral drugs Physics, Chemistry
Nik Brown Architectures for a post antibiotic age: the co-design of an exhibition Sociology
Rowena Jacobs Patient and Public Involvement in Research Network (PIRN@York) CHE, SPSW, Health Sciences, CRD
Paul Kaye Identification of the host receptor for a bacterial virulence protein HYMS, Biology
Gareth Evans Characterising the role of a novel gene in intellectual disability Biology
William Brackenbury Investigating the impact of sodium channel blockers on survival of cancer patients Biology, Health Sciences
Betsy Pownall How good are zebrafish models of human disease? A partnership to assess fish models of Parkinson’s Disease and Muscular Dystrophy. Biology, Electronics
Richard Cookson Have some NHS areas tackled health inequality more effectively than others, and if so how? CHE, Health Sciences