Centre for Future Health makes second set of funding awards

The Centre for Future Health Steering Group met on 31 October (2017) to consider thirty-four applications for funding. The total of £1,225,162 requested was more than twice the amount of funding available. Twenty awards were made totalling £712,645. Details of the individual projects are listed below. Congratulations to all recipients. The next funding round will be held in the spring.

Project leadProject titleDepartments involved
Lina Gega DIG4IT: Digital Intervention Games for Implementing Therapy with Children and Young People Experiencing Common Emotional and Behavioural Problems Health Sciences, Computer Science
Dean McMillan University of York Student Wellbeing Cohort Health Sciences, Education
David Torgerson Developing a training intervention for staff to improve participant recruitment into randomised controlled trials Health Sciences
David Smith Drug Delivery For Neurodegenerative Diseases using Self-Assembled Gels (NEURO-GELS) Chemistry
Martin Fascione Tag-Track-Capture: a novel strategy for identifying lipoteichoic acid-mediated interactions at the cell surface using a bioorthogonally re-engineered natural product Chemistry, Biology
Anne-Kathrin Duhme-Klair Artificial enzymes for selective antibiotic activation Chemistry
James Hewitson Development of a humanised mouse model of schistosomiasis Biology
Tony Morland Building a Partnership for Cognitive Neuroscience between the University of York and Maastricht University Psychology
Mark Hymers Evaluating Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) as a method for elucidating auditory function in health and disease Psychology
David Halliday Towards a framework for real time detection of motoneuronal oscillations for therapeutic interventions Electronics
Barry Wright microRNA markers in autism spectrum disorders HYMS, Biology
Jane Suter A mixed methods evaluation of the impact of extending working hours in a large Mental Health Trust: assessin employee and organisational outcomes York Management School, CHE
Jeremy Mottram Bromodomain inhibitors as anti-leishmanial agents Biology, Chemistry
Sean Sweeney Defining function of a receptor mediating protection from Frontotemporal Dementia-Motorneuron disease driven neurodegeneration: repurposing an FDA
approved therapy
Biology, Chemistry
Dimitris Lagos A strategic partnership between the University of York and the Barts Cancer Institute at Queen Mary University London Biology
James Chong  Impact of antibiotic administration route on the diversity and metabolism of the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) microbiome of patients undergoing treatment for serious bacterial infections: a feasibility study Biology
Allison Green Development of humanized mice as a model system for human thymic disorders linked to autoimmunity HYMS, Biology
Daniel Ungar Mechanistic investigation of congenital glycosylation disorders Biology
Rachel Churchill Cochrane Global Mental Health: Identifying gaps and prioritising knowledge mobilisation for people in Low and Middle Income Countries (LMICs) Centre for Reviews and Dissemination, Health Sciences
Rachel Churchill Mental Health First Aid: An intervention for improving mental health? Centre for Reviews and Dissemination, Health Sciences