Accessibility statement

Getting access to SNABonline at home

Please check that you have the right browsers, settings and software using the information below.

Internet browsers

On a PC you will need to use Internet Explorer® 7.0 or Internet Explorer® 8.0

On a Mac you will need to use Safari 4.0 or later versions.

You cannot view your course using Firefox, AOL or AT&T Yahoo browsers. If you are currently using one of these browsers, please change to one of the browsers recommended above for accessing SNAB.

To run SNABonline on a ipad you need to download a web browser called Puffin, which allows you to run flash animations. It is not a free app but it is not very expensive.


To use the activities you will need to download and install the following additional basic software if you do not already have it installed.

  • ActiveX. For some courses, you must enable ActiveX in your browser. See your browser Help for instructions on how to change the browser security settings or to add the course URL to your list of trusted sites.
  • Adobe® Flash™ Player (Version 10)
  • Adobe® Acrobat® Reader (Version 7 or higher)

If you are having problems opening your SNAB Online biology course at home, it could be that you need to change some of your computer settings.

Pop-ups and downloads

The activities appear in pop-up windows, which then download content. This can sometimes be blocked by your internet browser to protect you from receiving unwanted adverts or downloading content. You might notice this as windows starting to open and then suddenly disappearing.

The ‘quick fix’ way of opening these is to hold down the ‘Ctrl’ key when clicking on a file.


If you are able to, you will need to enable pop-ups from this site in your browser. In Internet Explorer, select ‘Tools’ and ‘Internet Options’. Select Privacy and turn off pop-up blocker for snabonline using the settings option.




You will need to enable downloads in your browser. To do this in Internet Explorer, select ‘Tools’ and ‘Internet Options’. Select the ‘Security’ tab, and ‘Custom level’. You need to enable automatic prompting for file downloads.