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Learning Skills for Science for SNAB

Learning Skills for Science (LSS) encourages the development of high-order skills, including enquiry and problem-solving skills, and thinking skills. Specific development of these skills recognises the need to prepare students for higher education and employment, by supporting their development as independent learners.

LSS activities are now available to go along with the SNAB AS activities. Download the resources below. These resources can be used as additional activities, or as an alternative approach to covering specification content. The skills should be developed in the context of the science. 

learning skills for science for SNAB

In short, LSS

  • develops information literacy relating to the specific needs of learning science
  • prepares students for independent learning
  • demands thoughtful engagement with resources (information input) and with audiences (information output)
  • provides meaningful backgrounds for learning about specific science content


  • Associated datasheets for Fruit and Veg
  • Associated datasheets for Smoking

Background information about LSS

The Learning Skills for Science programme was first produced at the Weizmann Institute of Science for use in schools in Israel. In 2004, the Gatsby Science Enhancement Programme (SEP) commissioned further work to enable the materials and training programme to be used in the UK. The project has achieved widespread recognition both in the UK and abroad.

The materials were further developed with the Nuffield Foundation, to include subject-specific LSS activities to support the new Advanced level specifications in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Applied Science and Science in Society.

The post-16 LSS resource is available through a training programme delivered by the national network of Science Learning Centres.