Questions about the resources

Can you use any biology textbook or do you have to buy the dedicated one?

SNAB is organised contextually and not along biological topic lines. Therefore the dedicated textbooks published by Pearson Longman cover the context-led SNAB course most closely.

As an absolute minimum you must have at least one copy of the dedicated textbook for the teacher! Ideally every student would have their own textbook.

Centres must reach their own compromise between these two extremes, finances permitting. A few books in the library on reference only, and a class set of 1 book between 2 students to use in lessons would probably work.

Other textbooks, including textbooks published for the concept-led Edexcel specification can be used to support aspects of the course in general terms. A reading list for each topic is one of the resources available.

Is there a teachers' and technicians' guide?

On publishers' website there are downloadable teacher and technician notes to accompany activities, and guidance notes on presenting each topic.

See the publishers website

Why are there answers to questions in the back of the book?

The questions in the book are intended to encourage active reading of the text, not as homework activities. There are plenty of student activities provided as worksheets, and these have separate answers in the teachers' notes which are not accessible to students.

For student activities see the Pearson website 

We don't see many tables of data in the Students' Books - we want our students to practise with these.

Data analysis activities are provided in the downloadable activity sheets.

See the publishers website