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Teacher training (CPD) Units

CPD activities are included within the SNAB resources to support anyone starting teaching the course.  See the Ethical debate CPD resources below.

For each of these CPD units, you can download the Facilitator's and Teachers' notes, and related student activities.  See below.

CPD 4 'Ethical debate'

More on ethical frameworks

See also what is available on the Ethical Emporium and BEEP.

Here is the complete list of SNAB CPD units available from

AS units

  • CPD1 'A road map for SNAB: building knowledge and principles through the course'
  • CPD2 'Contextualised biology teaching through storylines'
  • CPD3 'Developing practical skills
  • 'CPD4 'Ethical debate'

A2 units

  • CPD5 Running class discussions and role play
  • CPD6 Increasing student autonomy
  • CPD7 Keeping up to date
  • CPD8 Datalogging
  • CPD9 Monitoring student learning