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Project Qualifications

Project Qualifications are designed to encourage and recognise open-ended project work. They may be taken as stand-alone qualifications or as part of Diploma.  

The Level 3 Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is intended for post-16 students and is equivalent to 0.5 GCE Advanced Level.

A Project Qualification at Level 1 or 2 is equivalent to 0.5 GCSE. 

In general, the most successful projects are those where the project work is preceded by a taught course in which students develop relevant skills (eg information-gathering, critical thinking, presentation) and are exposed to many possible starting points for project work, and where the project work itself addresses a specific question, is structured around intermediate goals, and is supervised by a teacher or assessor.

The Project Qualification resources developed by UYSEG and Rugby School provide materials for the taught course and to support the project work. Each resource provides materials for teachers and for students, including examples of typical projects and suggestions for starting points with advice on successful project work.

See below for brief details and use the links for further information. 

Perspectives on Science (PoS) is a designed programme for a dissertation-based EPQ exploring the history, philosophy and ethics of science.

The EPQ Genomics and EPQ Development materials are available for free download from this site.

Resources and support for EQPs can be accessed through the National STEM centre

The Institute of Physics provides support for  physics-based EPQs.

Edexcel provides support and guidance for all types of EPQ

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