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HEDG - Health Econometrics and Data Group


The HEDG Working Paper series is open for submission to external researchers. Authors interested in submitting papers for consideration should read the submission guidelines to the right.

HEDG working papers can be catalogued under ISSN 1751-1976.

For those wishing to view the full paper, please click on the (pdf) links. If you would like to view the abstract only, then click on the (RePec) link.

Submission procedure


Working papers should be full papers. The working paper series reflects the interests of the Group and, as such, econometric methods should form a significant component of the paper. 

The paper should contribute to the aims and objectives of HEDG: 

  1. To provide empirical research evidence capable of informing health policy;
  2. To develop and disseminate novel research methods in health economics through the application of quantitative techniques to substantive problems of policy and/or academic relevance.

Publication through the HEDG working paper series does not prohibit you seeking publication in other working papers series. Please note that your paper has to be unpublished research work. 

Papers published in the working paper series are available on the web, and will not be made available in print. 

The working paper series is intended to disseminate papers that are “ready for submission” to peer-reviewed journals. Please refrain from submitting work that is incomplete. We will not update papers once they have been placed within the working paper series unless a strong case can be made that the paper contains fundamental flaws.

Submission details

Submissions should be emailed to Dr. Nigel Rice
Please make sure you include the following information on a cover page of the submission:

  • Title
  • Authors and institutions
  • Abstract (250 words maximum)
  • Keywords
  • JEL Classification
  • Contact information for the corresponding author
  • Acknowledgements

The main body of the text should begin on a page separate to the information contained in the cover page. 

Papers will be posted to the Working Paper Series in PDF. Submissions can be made in PDF, Word, Scientific Word or LaTeX.