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WP 19/24
Aizawa, T.; (2019)
Reviewing the Existing Evidence of the Conditional Cash Transfer in India through the Partial Identification Approach
1924 (PDF , 1,067kb)‌  (RePec)

WP 19/23
Carrino, L.; Nafilyan, V.; Avendaño Pabon, M.; (2019)
Should I Care or Should I Work? The Impact of Working in Older Age on Caregiving
1923 (PDF , 729kb)‌ (RePec)

WP 19/22
Carrieri, V.; Davillas, A.; Jones, A.M.; (2019)
A latent class approach to inequity in health using biomarker data
1922 (PDF , 761kb)‌ (RePec)

WP 19/21
Fernández-Pérez, A.; Jiménez-Rubio, D.; Robone, S.; (2019)
The Effect of Freedom of Choice on Health System Responsiveness. Evidence from Spain
1921 (PDF , 986kb)‌ (RePec)

WP 19/20
Robson, M.; Doran, T.; Cookson, R.; (2019)
Estimating and Decomposing Conditional Average Treatment Effects: The Smoking Ban in England
1920 (PDF , 2,829kb)‌ (RePec)

WP 19/19
Serratos-Sotelo, L.; (2019)
Were there long-term economic effects of exposure to Polio Vaccination?: An analysis of migrants to Sweden 1946-2003
1919 (PDF , 548kb)‌  (RePec)

WP 19/18
Greene, W.H.; Harris, M.N.; Knott, R.; Rice, N.; (2019)
Specification and testing of hierarchical ordered response models with anchoring vignettes
1918 (PDF , 428kb)‌ (RePec)

WP 19/17
Korfhage, T.; (2019)
Long-run consequences of informal elderly care and implications of public long-term care insurance
1917 (PDF , 651kb)‌ (RePec)

WP 19/16
Lee, M.; Park, S.; Shim, H.; (2019)
Regression Discontinuity with Integer Running Variable and Non-Integer Cutoff: Dental Care Program Effect on Expenditure
1916 (PDF , 281kb)‌ (RePec)

WP 19/15
Janys, L.; Siflinger, B.; (2019)
Abortion and mental health: The role of selection
1915 (PDF , 654kb)‌ (RePec)

WP 19/14
Bryan, M.; Roberts, J.; Sechel, C.; (2019)
The Effect of Mental Health on Employment:Accounting for Selection Bias

1914 (PDF , 1,237kb)‌ (RePec)

WP 19/13
Depalo, D.; (2019)
Explaining the causal effect of adherence to medication on cholesterol through the marginal patient
1913 (PDF , 655kb)‌ (RePec)

WP 19/12
Hayen, A.P.; Klein, T.J.; Salm, M.; (2019)
Does the framing of patient cost-sharing incentives matter? The effects of deductibles vs. no-claim refunds
1912 (PDF , 545kb)‌ (RePec)

WP 19/11
Herrera-Araujo, D.; Rochaix, L.; (2019)
Competition Between Public and Private Maternity Care Providers in France: Evidence on Market Segmentation
1911 (PDF , 471kb)‌ (RePec)

WP 19/10
Barrenho, E.; Miraldo, M.; Propper, C.; Rose, C.; (2019)
Peer and network effects in medical innovation: the case of laparoscopic surgery in the English NHS 
1910 (PDF , 679kb)‌ (RePec)

WP 19/09
Lee, Y-W.; (2019)
Effects of Parental Job Loss and Insecurity on Children’s Health: Evidence from Korea
1909 (PDF , 676kb)‌ (RePec)

WP 19/08
Pastore, C.; Jones, A.M.; (2019)
Human capital consequences of missing out on a grammar school education
1908 (PDF , 1,409kb)‌ (RePec)

WP 19/07
Carrieri, V.; Madio, L.;  Principe, F.; (2019)
Do-It-Yourself medicine? The impact of light cannabis liberalization on prescription drugs
1907 (PDF , 552kb)‌ (RePec)

WP 19/06
Carrillo, B.; (2019)
Early Rainfall Shocks and Later-Life Outcomes: Evidence from Colombia
1906 (PDF , 518kb)‌ (RePec)

WP 19/05
Bijwaard, G.E.; Jones, A.M.; (2019)
Education and life-expectancy and how the relationship is mediated through changes in behaviour: a principal stratification approach for hazard rates
1905 (PDF , 515kb)‌  (RePec)

WP 19/04
Costa-Font, J.; Cowell, F.; (2019)
Incorporating Inequality Aversion in Health-Care Priority Setting
1904 (PDF , 505kb)‌ (RePec)

WP 19/03
Carrieri, V.; Madio, L.; Principe, F.; (2019)
Vaccine Hesitancy and Fake News: Quasi-experimental Evidence from Italy
1903 (PDF , 420kb)‌ (RePec)

WP 19/02
Paolo, B.; Martini, G.; Piacenza, M.; Turati, G.; (2019)
The strange case of appropriate C-sections:DRG-tariff regulation, hospital ownership, and market concentration
1902 (PDF , 607kb)‌ (RePec)

WP 19/01
Paper withdrawn