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This page provides links to programs that have been prepared by members of HEDG. These programs are supplied as is and have not been externally validated. They should be used at the user's own risk. No user support will be provided.

Applied Health Economics 

This file contains the Stata code used in A.M.Jones (2007) Applied Econometrics for Health Economists, 2nd Edition, Oxford: Radcliffe Medical Publishing (ISBN: 1 84619 171 8). [ ( 12kb download)

The following files contain the Stata code used in A.M. Jones, N. Rice, T. Bago d'Uva and S. Balia (2012) Applied Health Economics, Routledge. 

The subsets of data from the British Household Panel Survey (BHPS) and Health and Lifestyle Survey (HALS) that are used in the book are available in the 'dta' files - BHPSHALS.

Further information about the BHPS can be found at the ISER web page.

The topics covered in the second edition (2012) are:

Describing the dynamics of health ( 7kb download) AHE_2ed_Ch_2.dta ( 10,440kb download)
Describing health care costs and cost regressions AHE_2ed_Ch_3& ( 13kb download) AHE_2ed_Ch_3.dta ( 700kb download)
Repairing heterogeneity in health ( 17kb download) gop do ( 1kb download) hopit do ( 2kb download)
Health and lifestyles ( 8kb download) ( 3kb download) ( 4kb download) AHE_2ed_Ch_5.dta ( 444kb download)
Smoking and mortality ( 17kb download) AHE_2ed_Ch_6.dta ( 408kb download)
Health and retirement ( 4kb download) AHE_2ed_Ch_7.dta ( 8,267kb download)
Health and wages ( 2kb download) ( 1kb download) AHE_2ed_Ch_8.dta ( 3,332kb download)
Modelling the dynamics of health ( 9kb download) AHE_2ed_Ch_2.dta ( 10,440kb download)
Non-response and attrition bias ( 8kb download) AHE_2ed_Ch_2.dta ( 10,440kb download)
Models for count data ( 20kb download) lcnb_pan do ( 1kb download) lchurdle_pan do ( 2kb download)

The topics covered in the first edition (2007) are:

Data description and graphical analysis ( 7kb download) bhps.dta ( 9,153kb download)
Distributional analysis and categorical responses ( 8kb download)
Reporting bias and HOPIT ( 12kb download)
Multivariate probits ( 13kb download) HALS_APPHEC_mvp.dta ( 226kb download)
Continuous time duration models ( 8kb download) hals_duration.dta ( 407kb download)
Discrete time duration models ( 3kb download) H&R_application.dta ( 8,257kb download)
Linear panel data models ( 2kb download) wageest.dta ( 3,349kb download)
Nonlinear panel data models and attrition ( 8kb download)
Count data and latent class models ( 18kb download)

Methods for estimating the distribution of health care costs

The do-file ( 17kb download) presents code for estimating flexible parametric models and generating values of conditional means and tail probabilities. These models were used as part of work contained in the following three papers:

Jones AM, Lomas J, Rice N. Healthcare cost regressions: going beyond the mean to estimate the full distribution. Health Economics 2015;24(9):1192-1212.

Jones AM, Lomas J, Rice N. Applying beta-type size distributions to healthcare cost regressions. Journal of Applied Econometrics 2014;29(4):649-670.

Jones AM, Lomas J, Moore P, Rice N. A quasi-Monte Carlo comparison of developments in parametric and semi-parametric regression methods for heavy tailed and non-normal data: with an application to healthcare costs. Health Econometrics and Data Group (HEDG), University of York 2013;working paper 13/30. (forthcoming in JRRSA)

Data Visualization and Health Econometrics

The do file F& ( 44kb download) contains stata code for estimating the econometric models and graphical analysis that appear in:

Jones AM, (2017) Data Visualization and Health Econometrics, Foundations and Trends in Econometrics 9(1): 1-78