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Working Papers 2015

WP 15/30

Cheng, T.C.; Costa-i-Font, J.; Powdthavee, N.; (2015)

Do you have to win it to fix it? A longitudinal study of lottery winners and their health care demand

1530 (PDF , 396kb) (RePec)


WP 15/29

Cavalieri, M.; Guccio, C.; Lisi, D.; Pignataro, G.; (2015)

Does the Extent of Per-Case Payment System Affect Hospital Efficiency? Evidence from the Italian NHS

1529 (PDF , 452kb) (RePec)


WP 15/28

Dragone, D.; Ziebarth, N.R.; (2015)

Non-Separable Time Preferences and Novelty Consumption: Theory and Evidence from the East German Transition to Capitalism

1528 (PDF , 1,145kb)  (RePec)


WP 15/27

Jin, L.; Ziebarth, N.R.; (2015)

Sleep and Human Capital: Evidence from Daylight Saving Time

1527 (PDF , 1,718kb) (RePec)


WP 15/26

Apouey, B.H.; Geoffard, P-Y.; (2015)

Parents’ education and child body weight in France: The trajectory of the gradient in the early years

1526 (PDF , 440kb) (RePec)


WP 15/25

Fabbri, D; Monfardini, C; Castaldini, C; Protonotari, A.; (2015)

Caesarean section and the manipulation of exact delivery time

1525 (PDF , 853kb) (RePec)


WP 15/24

Kamhofer, D.A; Schmitz, H.; Westphal, M.; (2015)

Heterogeneity in Marginal Non-monetary Returns to Higher Education

1524 (PDF , 1,269kb)  (RePec)


WP 15/23

Di Novi, C.; Piacenza, M.; Robone, S.; Turati, G.; (2015)

How does fiscal decentralization affect within-regional disparities in well-being? Evidence from health inequalities in Italy

1523 (PDF , 607kb) (RePec)


WP 15/22

Carrieri, V.; Jones, A. M.; (2015)

The Income-Health Relationship “Beyond the Mean”: New Evidence from Biomarkers

1522 (PDF , 1,187kb)  (RePec)


WP 15/21

van Ooijen, R.; Alessie, R.; Knoef, M.; (2015)

Health status over the life cycle

1521 (PDF , 525kb)  (RePec)


WP 15/20

Lépine, A.; Lagarde, M.; Le Nestour, A.; (2015)

Free primary care in Zambia: an impact evaluation using a pooled synthetic control method

1520 (PDF , 1,043kb)  (RePec)


WP 15/19

Maurer, J.; Harris, K. M.; (2015)

Learning to trust flu shots: quasi-experimental evidence on the role of learning in influenza vaccination decisions from the 2009 influenza A/H1N1 (swine flu) pandemic

1519 (PDF , 405kb)  (RePec)


WP 15/18

Heinesen, E.; Imai, S.; Maruyama, S.; (2015)

In-utero social interaction of twins

1518 (PDF , 412kb)  (RePec)


WP 15/17

Guccio, C.; Lisi, D.; (2015)

Social interactions in inappropriate behavior for childbirth services: theory and evidence from the Italian hospital sector

1517 (PDF , 998kb)  (RePec)


WP 15/16

Dormont, B.; Péron, M.; (2015)

Does health insurance encourage the rise in medical prices?

1516 (PDF , 991kb) (RePec)


WP 15/15

Panthöfer, S.; (2015)

Risk selection under public health insurance with opt-out

1515 (PDF , 860kb) (RePec)


WP 15/14

Fiebig, D. G.;  Viney, R.;  Haas, M.; Knox, S.; Street, D.; Weisberg, E.; Bateson, D.; (2015)

Complexity and doctor choices when discussing contraceptives

1514 (PDF , 561kb) (RePec)


WP 15/13

Bütikofer, A.; Skira, M.; (2015)

Missing work is a pain: the effect of Cox-2 inhibitors on sickness absence and disability pension receipt

1513 (PDF , 744kb) (RePec)


WP 15/12

Bijwaard, G.; van Kippersluis, H.; (2015)

Efficiency of health investment: education or intelligence?

1512 (PDF , 619kb)  (RePec)


WP 15/11

Herrera-Araujo. D.; (2015)

Folic acid advisories, a public health challenge?

1511 (PDF , 1,050kb)  (RePec)


WP 15/10

Griffith, R.; von Hinke, S.; Smith,; (2015)

Getting a healthy start: The effectiveness of targeted benefits for improving dietary choices

1510 (PDF , 1,165kb)  (RePec)


WP 15/09

Angelini, V.; Mierau, J. O.; (2015)

Late-Life Health Effects of Teenage Motherhood

1509 (PDF , 720kb)  (RePec)


WP 15/08

Kronenberg, C.; Jacobs, R.; Zucchelli, E.; (2015)

The impact of a wage increase on mental health: Evidence from the UK minimum wage

1508 (PDF , 1,049kb)  (RePec)


WP 15/07

Bijwaard, G.E.; Jones, M.A.; (2015)

Intelligence and the Mortality Difference by Education: Selection or mediation?

1507 (PDF , 378kb)  (RePec)


WP 15/06

Fiorillo, D.; Nappo, N.; (2015)

Formal volunteering and self-perceived health. Causal evidence from the UK-SILC

1506 (PDF , 299kb) (RePec)


WP 15/05

Costa-Font, J.; Jofre-Bonet, M.; Le Grand, J.; (2016)

Vertical Transmission of Overweight: Evidence from English Adoptees

1505v2 (PDF , 706kb)  


WP 15/05

Costa-Font, J.; Jofre-Bonet, M.; Le Grand, J.; (2015)

Vertical Transmission of Overweight: Evidence from English Adoptees

1505 (PDF , 389kb) (RePec)


WP 15/04

Costa-Font, J.; Kossarova, L.; (2015)

Anthropometric Dividends of Czechoslovakia's Break Up

1504 (PDF , 272kb) (RePec)


WP 15/03

Pichler, S.; Ziebarth, N.R.; (2015)

The Pros and Cons of Sick Pay Schemes: A Method to Test for Contagious Presenteeism and Shirking Behavior
1503 (PDF , 754kb) (RePec)


WP 15/02

Bunnings, C.; Schmitz, H.; Tauchmann, H; Ziebarth, N.R.; (2015)

How Health Plan Enrollees Value Prices Relative to Supplemental Benefits and Service Quality
1502 (PDF , 321kb) (RePec)


WP 15/01

Migali, G.; Zucchelli, E.; (2015)

The Relationship between Forgone Health Care and High School Dropout:Evidence from US Adolescents

1501 (PDF , 368kb) (RePec)