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WP 20/23
Deiana, C.; Giua, L.; Nisticò, R.;
Opium Price Shocks and Prescription Opioids in the US
2023 (PDF , 1,615kb) (RePec)

WP 20/22
Esseau-Thomas, C.; Galarraga, O.; Khalifa, S.;
Epidemics, Pandemics and Income Inequality
2022 (PDF , 313kb) (RePec)

WP 20/21
Davillas, A.; Jones, A.M.;
Unmet health care need and income-related horizontal equity in access during the COVID-19 pandemic
2021 (PDF , 320kb)  (RePec)

WP 20/20
Sriubaite, I.; Harris, A.; Jones, A.M.; Gabbe, B.;
Economic Consequences of Road Traffic Injuries. Application of the Super Learner algorithm
2020 (PDF , 10,642kb) (RePec)

WP 20/19
Di Giacomo, M.; Piacenza, M.; Siciliani, L.; Turati, G.;
The Effect of Co-Payments on the Take-Up of Prenatal Tests
2019 (PDF , 1,635kb) (RePec)

WP 20/18
Perone, G.;
Comparison of ARIMA, ETS, NNAR and hybrid models to forecast the second wave of COVID-19 hospitalizations in Italy
2018 (PDF , 1,064kb)  (RePec)

WP 20/17
Guccio, C.; Lisi, D.; Martorana, M.F.; Pignataro, G.;
Incorporating quality in the efficiency assessment of hospitals using a generalized directional distance function approach
2017 (PDF , 535kb) (RePec)

WP 20/16
Berta, P.; Lovaglio, P.G.; Paruolo, P.; Verzillo, S.;
Real Time Forecasting of Covid-19 Intensive Care Units demand
2016 (PDF , 419kb)  (RePec)

WP 20/15
Barili, E.; Bertoli, P.; Grembi, V.;
Neighborhoods, Networks, and Delivery Methods
2015 (PDF , 2,583kb) (RePec)

WP 20/14

Nie, P.; Ding, L.; Jones, A.M.; (2020)
Inequality of opportunity in bodyweight among middle-aged and older Chinese: a distributional approach
2014 (PDF , 11,289kb) (RePec)

WP 20/13
Antinyan, A.;  Bertoni, M.;  Corazzini, L.; (2020)
Cancer screening invitations in the developing world
2013 (PDF , 1,140kb)  (RePec)

WP 20/12
Bryan, M.; Rice, N.; Roberts, J.; Sechel, C.; (2020)
Mental health and employment: a bounding approach using panel data
2012 (PDF , 944kb) (RePec)

WP 20/11
Davillas, A.; Jones, A.M.; (2020)
The COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on inequality of opportunity in psychological distress in the UK
2011 (PDF , 824kb) (RePec)

WP 20/10
Ding, L.; Jones, A.M.; Nie, P.; (2020)
Ex ante Inequality of Opportunity in Health among the Elderly in China: A Distributional Decomposition Analysis of Biomarkers
2010 (PDF , 1,847kb) (RePec)

WP 20/09
Barili, E.; Bertoli, P.; Grembi, V.; (2020)
Fees equalization and Appropriate Health Care
2009 (PDF , 929kb) (RePec)

WP 20/08
Oikawa, M.; (2020)
The effect of education on health policy reform: Evidence from Japan
2008 (PDF , 649kb) (RePec)

WP 20/07
Perone, G.; (2020)
An ARIMA model to forecast the spread and the final size of COVID-2019 epidemic in Italy
2007 (PDF , 615kb) (RePec)

WP 20/06
Davillas, A.; Pudney, S.; (2020)
Biomarkers, disability and health care demand
2006 (PDF , 518kb) (RePec)

WP 20/05
Eibich, P.; Goldzahl, L.; (2020)
Does retirement affect secondary preventive care use? Evidence from breast cancer screening
2005 (PDF , 853kb) (RePec)

WP 20/04
Salas-Ortiz, A.; (2020)
Understanding the role of inequality of opportunity in body mass index and waist circumference among Mexican adults
2004 (PDF , 1,479kb)  (RePec)

WP 20/03
Chen, J.; Gu, Y.; Jones, A.M.; Peng, B.; (2020)
Modelling healthcare costs: a semiparametric extension of generalised linear models
2003 (PDF , 544kb)  (RePec)

WP 20/02
Nishimura, Y.; Oikawa, M.; (2020)
Who Has Benefited from Nursing Home Expansion in Japan?: The Effects of Government Supply-Side Intervention in the Elderly Care Market
2002 (PDF , 1,473kb)  (RePec)

WP 20/01
Xue, X.; (2020)
The Education‐Health Nexus: A Meta‐Analysis
2001 (PDF , 607kb)  (RePec)