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Working Papers 2016

WP 16/34

Howley, P.; Knight, S.; (2016)

The externality cost of neighbour’s at work: Social norm induced effects on well-being

1634 (PDF , 848kb)‌  (RePec)


WP 16/33

Bertoli, P.; Grembi, V.; (2016)

The Political Economy of Diagnosis-Related Groups

1633 (PDF , 1,177kb)‌  (RePec)


WP 16/32

Fiorillo, D.; Lavadera, G.L.; Nappo, N.; (2016)

Social participation and self-rated psychological health

1632 (PDF , 260kb)‌  (RePec)


WP 16/31

Panthöfer, S.; (2016)

Do Doctors Prescribe Antibiotics Out of Fear of Malpractice?

1631 (PDF , 433kb)‌  (RePec)


WP 16/30

Harris, M. N.; Zhao, X.; Zucchelli, E.; (2016)

The dynamics of health and labour market transitions at older ages: evidence from a multi-state model

1630 (PDF , 868kb)‌    (RePec)


WP 16/29

Hentschker, C.; Wübker, A.; (2016)

The impact of technology diffusion in health care markets – Evidence from heart attack treatment

1629 (PDF , 3,782kb)‌  (RePec)


WP 16/28

Hugonnier, J.; Pelgrin, F.; St-Amour, P.; (2016)

Closing Down the Shop: Optimal Health and Wealth Dynamics near the End of Life

1628 (PDF , 1,228kb)‌  (RePec)


WP 16/27

Van Gestel, R.; Müller, T.; Bosmans, J.; (2016)

Does My High Blood Pressure Improve Your Survival? Overall and Subgroup Learning Curves in Health

1627 (PDF , 839kb)‌   (RePec)


WP 16/26

McLaren, Z. M.; Burger, R.; (2016)

A New Econometric Method for Estimating Disease Prevalence: An Application to Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis

1626 (PDF , 1,133kb)‌  (RePec)


WP 16/25

Kongstad, L.P.; Mellace, G.; Olsen, K.R.; (2016)

Can the use of Electronic Health Records in General Practice reduce hospitalizations for diabetes patients? Evidence from a natural experiment

1625 (PDF , 1,776kb)‌  (RePec)


WP 16/24

Konetzka, R.T.; Skira, M.M.; Werner, R.M.; (2016)

Incentive Design and Quality Improvements: Evidence from State Medicaid Nursing Home Pay-for-Performance Programs

1624 (PDF , 831kb)‌ (RePec)


WP 16/23

Herr, A.; Saric, A.; (2016)

The Welfare Effects of Single Rooms in German Nursing Homes: A Structural Approach

1623 (PDF , 804kb)‌   (RePec)


WP 16/22

Nosal, K.; (2016)

Physician Group Practices and Technology Diffusion: Evidence from New Antidiabetic Drugs

1622 (PDF , 391kb)‌  (RePec)


WP 16/21

Deuchert, E.; Eugster, B.; (2016)

Crawling Up the Cash Cliff? Behavioral Responses to a Disability Insurance Reform

(under revision)


WP 16/20

Spindler, M.; Farbmacher, H.; Bach, P.; (2016)

Semiparametric Count Data Modeling with an Application to Health Service Demand

1620 (PDF , 637kb)‌  (RePec)


WP 16/19

Young-Sook, K.; Myoung-jae, L.; (2016)

Generalized Difference in Differences for Ordinal Responses with a Varying Number of Categories

1619 (PDF , 267kb)‌  (RePec)


WP 16/18

Oberländer, L.; Disdier, A-C.; Etilé, F.; (2016)

Globalisation and national trends in nutrition and health - a grouped fixed effects approach to inter-country heterogeneity

1618 (PDF , 555kb)‌  (RePec)


WP 16/17

Liebert, H.; Mäder, B.; (2016)

Marginal effects of physician coverage on infant and disease mortality

1617 (PDF , 1,583kb)‌  (RePec)


WP 16/16

Roquebert, Q.; Tenand, M.; (2016)

Pay less, consume more? Estimating the price elasticity of demand for home care services of the disabled elderly

1616 (PDF , 2,693kb)‌  (RePec)


WP 16/15

Brot-Goldberg, Z.C.; Chandra, A.; Handel, B.; Kolstad, J.T.; (2016)

What Does a Deductible Do? The Impact of Cost-Sharing on Health Care Prices, Quantities, and Spending Dynamics

1615 (PDF , 2,609kb)‌  (RePec)


WP 16/14

Knott, R.; Lorgelly, P.; Black, N.; Hollingsworth, B.; (2016)

Differential item functioning in the EQ-5D: An exploratory analysis using anchoring vignettes

1614 (PDF , 532kb)‌   (RePec)


WP 16/13

Motegi, H.; Nishimura, Y.; Oikawa, M; (2016)

What Explains the Difference in the Effect of Retirement on Health?: Evidence from Global Aging Data 

1613 (PDF , 702kb)‌   (RePec)


WP 16/12

Madden, D.; (2016)

Child and Adolescent Obesity in Ireland: A Longitudinal Perspective

1612 (PDF , 296kb)‌   (RePec)


WP 16/11

Motegi, H.; Nishimura, Y.; Oikawa, M; (2016)

Retirement and Cognitive Decline: Evidence from Global Aging Data

1611 (PDF , 31,643kb)‌  (RePec)


WP 16/10

Carrieri, V.; Jones, A.M.; (2016)

Smoking for the poor and vaping for the rich?  Distributional concerns of new smoking methods

1610 (PDF , 499kb)‌ (RePec)


WP 16/09

Costa-Font, J.; Sato, A.; (2016)

'Cultural Persistence' of Health Capital: Evidence from European Migrants

1609 (PDF , 352kb)‌ (RePec)


WP 16/08

Costa-Font, J.; Jofre-Bonet, M.; (2016)

Like Mother, Like Father? Gender Assortative Transmission of Child Overweight

1608 Revised (PDF , 4,117kb)‌  (RePec)


WP 16/07

Gil, J.; Sicras-Mainar, A.; Zucchelli, E.; (2016)

The effects of non-adherence on health care utilisation: panel data evidence on uncontrolled diabetes

1607 (PDF , 246kb)‌ (RePec)


WP 16/06

Carrillo, B.; Branco, D.; (2016)

Birth Weight and Family Resource Allocations: New Evidence from Twins

1606 (PDF , 372kb)‌ (RePec)


WP 16/05

Carrieri, V.; Jones, A.M.; (2016)

Inequality of opportunity in health: a decomposition-based approach

1605 (PDF , 1,201kb)‌ (RePec)


WP 16/04

Jones, A.M.; Rice, N.; Zantomio, F.; (2016)

Acute health shocks and labour market outcomes

1604 (PDF , 501kb)‌ (RePec)


WP 16/03

Sivey, P.; (2016)

Should I stay or should I go? Hospital emergency department waiting times and demand

1603 (PDF , 374kb)(RePec)


WP 16/02

Howley, P.; (2016)

Do individuals return to baseline levels of well-being after recovering from poor health?

1602 (PDF , 682kb)‌ (RePec)


WP 16/01

Howley, P.; (2016)

Valuing the benefits from health care interventions using life satisfaction data

1601 (PDF , 722kb)‌ (RePec)