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WP 22/29
Castro, M.F.; Lisi, D.; Romeo, D.;
An experimental analysis of patient dumping under different payment systems
2229 (PDF , 662kb) (RePec)

WP 22/28
Guccio, C.; Pignataro, G.; Romeo, D.; Vidoli, F.;
Is austerity good for efficiency, at least? A counterfactual assessment for the Italian NHS
2228 (PDF , 802kb) (RePec)

WP 22/27
Marenzi, A.; Rizzi, D.; Zanette, M.; Zantomio, F.;
Regional Institutional Quality and Territorial Equity in LTC Provision
2227 (PDF , 668kb) (RePec)

WP 22/26
Castro, M.F.; Guccio, C.; Romeo, D.;
An assessment of physicians’ risk attitudes using laboratory and field data
2226 (PDF , 613kb) (RePec)

WP 22/25
Moscelli, G.; Sayli, M.; Mello, M.;
Staff engagement, coworkers’ complementarity and employee retention: Evidence from English NHS hospitals
2225 (PDF , 1,473kb) (RePec)

WP 22/24
Francetic, I. N.;
Selection on moral hazard in the Swiss market for mandatory health insurance:
Empirical evidence from Swiss Household Panel data
2224 (PDF , 676kb) (RePec)

WP 22/23
Zabrodina, V.;
Timing Moral Hazard under Deductibles in Health Insurance
2223 (PDF , 899kb)  (RePec)

WP 22/22
Liang, X.; Sanderson, E.; Windmeijer, F.;
Selecting Valid Instrumental Variables in Linear Models with Multiple Exposure Variables: Adaptive Lasso and the Median-of-Medians Estimator
2222 (PDF , 534kb) (RePec)

WP 22/21
Been, J.; Suari-Andreu, E.; Knoef, M.;
The short-run effects of unexpected job loss on health
2221 (PDF , 671kb) (RePec)

WP 22/20
Gamba, S.; Pertile, P.; Righetti, G.;
Spillovers of Pharmaceutical Price Regulations: evidence from the AMNOG Reform in Germany
2220 (PDF , 677kb) (RePec)

WP 22/19
Kelly, E.; Propper, C.; Zaranko, B.;
Team composition and productivity: evidence from nursing teams in the English National Health Service
2219 (PDF , 5,001kb) (RePec)

WP 22/18
Moler-Zapata, S.; Grieve, R.; Basu, A.; O’Neill, S.;
How does a local Instrumental Variable Method perform across settings with instruments of differing strengths? A simulation study and an evaluation of emergency surgery
2218 (PDF , 1,542kb) (RePec)

WP 22/17
Herr, A.; Izhak, O.; Luckemann, M.;
Competition and quality in German ambulatory long-term care: Where labour supply matters more than prices
2217 (PDF) (RePec) 'Paper temporarily unavailable'

WP 22/16
Kárpáti, D.;
Household Finance and Life-Cycle Economic Decisions under the Shadow of Cancer
2216 (PDF , 621kb) (RePec)

WP 22/15
Dimitrova, V.; Sameen, H.;
Static regulation and technological change: Prescribing cost-effective treatments under financial constraints in the English NHS
2215 (PDF , 1,283kb) (RePec)

WP 22/14
Conti, G.; Giustinelli, P.;
For Better or Worse? Subjective Expectations and Cost-Benefit Trade-Offs in Health Behavior: An Application to Lockdown Compliance in the United Kingdom
2214 (PDF) (RePec)  'Paper temporarily unavailable'

WP 22/13
Bergeot, J.;
Care for Elderly Parents: Do Children Cooperate?
2213 (PDF , 981kb) (RePec)

WP 22/12
Bar, M.; Bakx, P.; Wouterse, B.; van Doorslaer, E.;
Estimating the health value added by nursing homes
2212 (PDF , 708kb) (RePec)

WP 22/11
Gaggero, A.; Gil, J.; Jiménez-Rubio, D.; Zucchelli, E.;
Sick and depressed? The causal impact of a diabetes diagnosis on depression
2211 (PDF , 3,300kb) (RePec)

WP 22/10
Amaral-Garcia, S.;
Medical Device Companies and Doctors: Do their interactions affect medical treatments?
2210 (PDF , 450kb) (RePec)

WP 22/09
Beshir, H.A.; Fichera, E.;
“And Breathe Normally”: The Low Emission Zone impacts on health and well-being in England.
2209 (PDF , 3,598kb) (RePec)

WP 22/08
Lippi Bruni, M.; Verzulli, R.;
The quicker the better: Fostering timely responses in public hospitals
2208 (PDF , 1,440kb) (RePec)

WP 22/07
Salas-Ortiz, A.;
Accumulation and transmission of inequality of opportunity in the double burden of malnutrition: the case of Mexico
2207 (PDF , 1,398kb) (RePec)

WP 22/06
Bosque-Mercader, L.;
The Effect of a Universal Preschool Programme on Long-Term Health Outcomes: Evidence from Spain
2206 (PDF , 2,097kb) (RePec)

WP 22/05
Davillas, A.; de Oliveira, V.H.; Jones, A.M.;
Is inconsistent reporting of self-assessed health persistent and systematic? Evidence from the UKHLS
2205 (PDF , 716kb) (RePec)

WP 22/04
Barili, E.; Bertoli, P.; Grembi, V.; Rattini, V.;
Job Satisfaction Among Healthcare Workers in the Aftermath of the COVID-19 Pandemic 
2204 (PDF , 2,181kb) (RePec)

WP 22/03
Di Novi, C.; Paruolo, P.; Verzillo, S.;
The Role of Employment Protection Legislation Regimes in Shaping the Impact of Job Disruption on Older Workers’ Mental Health in Times of COVID-19
2203 (PDF , 1,261kb) (RePec)

WP 22/02
Wang, J.; Alessie, R.; Angelini, V.;
Exposure in utero to Adverse Events and Health Late-in-life: Evidence from China
2202 (PDF , 6,916kb) (RePec)

WP 22/01
Colagrossi, M.; Deiana, C.; Dragone, D.; Geraci, A.; Giua, L.; Iori, E.;
Intimate partner violence and help-seeking: The role of femicide news
2201 (PDF , 1,147kb) (RePec)