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Working Papers 2005

WP 05/01
Bago d’Uva T (2005) 
Latent class models for utilisation of health care.
05_01 (PDF , 297kb) (RePec)

WP 05/02
Balia, S and AM Jones (2005)
 Mortality, lifestyle and socio-economic status. 
05_02 (PDF , 349kb) (RePec)

WP 05/03
Gambin L (2005)
The impact of health on wages in Europe – does gender matter?
05_03 (PDF , 185kb) (RePec)

WP 05/04
Hernández Quevedo C, AM Jones, and N Rice (2005) 
Reporting bias and heterogeneity in self-assessed health: evidence from the British Household Panel Survey.
05_04 (PDF , 316kb) (RePec)

WP 05/05
Jones AM, Koolman X, Rice N (2005) 
Health-related non-response in the BHPS and ECHP: using inverse probability weighted estimators in nonlinear models. 
05_05 (PDF , 630kb) (RePec)

WP 05/06
Lee MC, Jones AM (2005)
Panel data analysis of dentists’ activity under global budgeting in the presence of activity-related non-response.
05_06 (PDF , 514kb) (RePec)

WP 05/07
Jones AM, Wildman J (2005)
Disentangling the relationship between health and income.
05_07 (PDF  , 222kb)‌‌ (RePec)

WP 05/08
Etilé F, Jones AM (2005)
Why would upward trends in schooling make a nation healthier? The case of smoking in Twentieth Century France.
05_08 (PDF , 299kb) (RePec)

WP 05/09
Bretteville-Jensen AL, Melberg HA, Jones AM (2005)
Sequential patterns of drug use initiation – can we believe in the gateway theory?
05_09 (PDF , 227kb) (RePec)

WP 05/10
Rice N (2005)
The labour supply of nurses in the UK: evidence from the British Household Panel Survey.
05_10 (PDF , 226kb) (RePec)

WP 05/11
Deb P, Sosa-Rubi S (2005)
Does onset or quality of prenatal care matter more for infant health?
05_11 (PDF  , 189kb)‌‌ (RePec)

WP 05/12
Hernández Quevedo C, Jones AM, López Nicolás Á, Nigel R (2005)
Socioeconomic inequalities in health: a comparative longitudinal analysis using the European Community Household Panel
05_12 (PDF , 388kb) (RePec)

WP 05/13
Quinn C (2005)
Generalisable regression methods for cost-effectiveness using copulas
05_13 (PDF  , 4,461kb)‌‌ (RePec)

WP 05/14
García Gómez P, López Nicolás A (2005)
Health shocks, employment and income in the Spanish labour market
05_14 (PDF  , 209kb)‌‌ (RePec)