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Working Papers 2014

WP 14/28

Guccio, C.; Lisi, D.; (2014)

Social interactions in inappropriate behavior for childbirth services:Theory and evidence from the Italian hospital sector
1428 (PDF , 745kb) (RePec)



WP 14/27

Kronenberg, C.; van Kippersluis, H.; Rohde, K.I.M.; (2014)

What drives the association between health and portfolio choice?
1427 (PDF , 806kb) (RePec)

WP 14/26
Jones, A.; Lomas, J.; Rice, N.;
Going Beyond the Mean in Healthcare Cost Regressions: a Comparison of Methods for Estimating the Full Conditional Distribution
1426 (PDF , 643kb) (RePec)‌


WP 14/25

Bennett, D.; Naqvi, S.A.A.; Schmidt, W-P.; (2014)

Learning, hygiene and traditional medicine

1425 (PDF , 3,689kb) (RePec)‌


WP 14/24

Chen, D.L.; Levonyan, V.; Reinhart, S.E.; (2014)

Do payment disclosure laws affect industry-physician relationships?

1424 (PDF , 1,676kb) (RePec)‌


WP 14/23

Amaral-Garcia, S.; Bertoli, P.; Grembi.; (2014)

Does experience rating improve obstetric practices? Evidence from geographical discontinuities

1423 (PDF , 626kb) (RePec)‌


WP 14/22

Gerfin, M.; Kaiser, B.; Schmid, C.; (2014)

Health care demand in the presence of discrete price changes

1422 (PDF , 14,315kb) (RePec)‌


WP 14/21

Santos, R.; Gravelle, H.; Propper, C.; (2014)

Does quality affect patients’ choice of doctor? Evidence from the UK

1421 (PDF , 522kb) (RePec)‌


WP 14/20

Choné, P.; Coudin, E.; Pla, A.; (2014)

Are physician fees responsive to competition?

1420 (PDF , 582kb)  (RePec)‌


WP 14/19

Kreif, N.; Díaz, I.; Grieve, R.; Harrison, D.; (2014)

Health econometric evaluation of the effects of a continuous treatment: a machine learning approach

1419 (PDF , 697kb) (RePec)‌


WP 14/18

Avdic, D.; (2014)

A matter of life and death? Hospital distance and quality of care: evidence from emergency room closures and myocardial infarctions

1418 (PDF , 904kb) (RePec)‌


WP 14/17

Elek, P.; Váradi. B.; Varga, M.; (2014)

Effects of geographical accessibility on the use of outpatient care services: quasi-experimental evidence from administrative panel data

 1417 (PDF , 437kb)  (RePec)‌ 


WP 14/16

Spindler, M.; (2014)

“They do know what they are doing … at least most of them.” Asymmetric information in the (private) disability insurance

1416 (PDF , 408kb)  (RePec)‌ 


WP 14/15

Wuppermann, A. C.; (2014)

Private information in life insurance, annuity and health insurance markets

1415 (PDF , 577kb)   (RePec)‌ 


WP 14/14

Geyer, J.; Korfhage,T.; (2014)

Long-term care insurance and carers’ labor supply – a structural model

1414 (PDF , 744kb)   (RePec)‌ 


WP 14/13

Pelgrin, F; St-Amour, P.; (2014)

Life cycle responses to health insurance status

1413 (PDF , 763kb)   (RePec)‌ 


WP 14/12

Holte, J.H; Sivey, P.; Abelsen, B,; Olsen, J.A. (2014)

Modelling nonlinearities and reference-dependence in general practitioners’ income preferences

1412 (PDF , 619kb)  (RePec)‌ 


WP 14/11

Carrieri, V.; Wuebker, A.; (2014)

Does the letter matter (and for everyone)? Quasi-experimental evidence on the effects of home invitation on mammography uptake 

1411 (PDF , 922kb) (RePec)


WP 14/10

Eibich, P.; (2014)

Understanding the effect of retirement on health using Regression Discontinuity Design

1410 (PDF , 1,271kb) (RePec)


WP 14/09

Duso, T.; Herr, A.; Suppliet, M.; (2014)

The Welfare Impact of Parallel Imports: A Structural Approach Applied to the German Market for Oral Anti-diabetics

1409 (PDF , 1,234kb) (RePec)


WP 14/08

Lefèvre, M.; (2014)

Physician induced demand for C-sections: does the convenience incentive matter?
1408 (PDF , 381kb) (RePec)


WP 14/07

Jones, A. M.; Laporte, A.; Rice, N.; Zucchelli, E.; (2014)

A synthesis of the Grossman and Becker-Murphy models of health and addiction: theoretical and empirical implications
1407 (PDF , 486kb) (RePec)


WP 14/06

Apouey, B.; Picone, G.; (2014)

Social Interactions and Malaria Preventive Behaviors in Sub-Saharan Africa
1406 (PDF , 372kb) (RePec)


WP 14/05

Fiorillo, D.; Nappo, N.; (2014)

Formal and informal volunteering and health across European countries

1405 (PDF , 6,677kb) (RePec)


WP 14/04

Cheng, T. C.; Trivedi, P. K.; (2014)

Attrition Bias in Panel Data: A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing? A Case Study Based on the MABEL Survey

1404 (PDF , 427kb) (RePec)


WP 14/03

Geraci, A.; Fabbri, D.; Monfardini, C.; (2014)

Testing exogeneity of multinomial regressors in count data models: does two stage residual inclusion work?

1403 (PDF , 827kb) (RePec)


WP 14/02

García-Gómez, P.; Hernández-Quevedo, C.; Jiménez-Rubio, D.; Oliva, J.; (2014)

Inequity in long-term care use and unmet need: two sides of the same coin

1402 (PDF , 815kb) (RePec)


WP 14/01

von Hinke Kessler Scholder, S.; Wehby, G.L.; Lewis, S.; Zuccolo, L.; (2014)

Alcohol exposure in utero and child academic achievement

1401 (PDF , 686kb) (RePec)