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Working Papers 2013

WP 13/35

Maruyama, S.; Nakamura, S.; (2013)

The Decline in BMI among Japanese Women after WWII
WP 13_35 (PDF , 3,153kb) (RePec)


WP 13/34

Ziebarth, N. R.; Schmitt, M.; Karlsson, M.; (2013)

The short-term population health effects of weather and pollution: implications of climate change

13_34 (PDF , 4,257kb) (RePec)


WP 13/33

Lordan, G.; Pakrashi, D.; (2013)

Make time for physical activity or you may spend more time sick!

13_33 (PDF , 295kb) (RePec)


WP 13/32

Fiorillo, D.; (2013)

Workers' health and social relations in Italy

13_32 (PDF , 1,332kb) (RePec)


WP 13/31

Au N.; Johnston, D. W.; (2013)

An econometric analysis of self-assessed health: what does it mean and what is it hiding?

13_31 (PDF , 311kb) (RePec)


WP 13/30
Jones, A. M.; Lomas, J.; Moore, P.; Rice, N.; (2013)
A quasi-Monte Carlo comparison of developments in parametric and semi-parametric regression methods for heavy tailed and non-normal data: with an application to healthcare costs
13/30 (PDF , 1,091kb) 13/30 Appendix (PDF , 107kb) (RePec)


WP 13/29
Jones, A. M.; Roemer, J.; Rosa Dias, P.; (2013)
Equalising Opportunites in Health Through Educational Policy
WP 13_29 (PDF , 1,195kb) (RePec)


WP 13/28
Goebel, J.; Krekel, C.; Tiefenbach, T.; Ziebarth, N.; (2013)
Natural Disaster, Policy Action, and Mental Well-Being: The Case of Fukushima
WP 13_28 (PDF , 564kb) (RePec)


WP 13/27
Madden, D.;(2013)
Born to Win? The Role of Circumstances and Luck in Early Childhood Health Inequalities
13_27 (PDF , 243kb) (RePec)


WP 13/26
Janke, K.; Propper, C.; Shields, M.A.; (2013)
Does Violent Crime Deter Physical Activity?
WP 2013_26 (PDF , 1,985kb) (RePec)


WP 13/25

Removed December 2016


WP 13/24
Chatterji, P.; Kim, D.; Lahiri, K.; (2013)
Infant Health and Academic Achievement in Childhood
WP 2013/24 (PDF , 410kb) (RePec)


WP 13/23
Schmitz, H.; Westphal, M.; (2013)
Short- and medium-term effects of informal care provision on health
WP 2013/23 (PDF , 549kb) (RePec)


WP 13/22
Bloemen, H.; Hochguertel, S.; Zweerink, J.; (2013)
The Causal Effect of Retirement on Mortality
WP 2013/22 (PDF , 1,034kb) (RePec)


WP 13/21
[To be replaced]


WP 13/20
Reichert, A.; (2013)
Obesity, Weight Loss, and Employment Prospects: Evidence from a Randomized Trial
WP 2013/20 (PDF , 268kb)  (RePec)


WP 13/19
Braga, M.; Bratti, M.; (2013)
The effect of schooling on health: Evidence on several health outcomes and behaviors
WP 2013/19 (PDF , 575kb) (RePec)


WP 13/18
Doyle, O.; Harmon, C.; Heckman, J.J.; Logue, C.; Moon, S.H.; (2013)
Measuring Investment in Human Capital Formation: An Experimental Analysis of Early Life Outcomes
WP 2013/18 (PDF , 3,236kb) (RePec)


WP 13/17
Lee, M-J.; Kim, Y-S.; (2013)
Differences in Differences for Stayers and Movers with a Time-Varying Qualification
WP 2013/17 (PDF , 241kb) (RePec)


WP 13/16
Saloniki, E-C.; Gosling, A.; (2013)
Point identification in the presence of measurement error in discrete variables: application - wages and disabil
WP 2013/16 (PDF , 1,361kb) (RePec)


WP 13/15
Mora, T.; Gil, J., Sicras-Mainar, A.; (2013)
The influence of BMI, obesity and overweight on medical costs: a panel data perspective
13_15 (PDF , 437kb) (RePec)


WP 13/14
Howdon, D.; Jones, A.; (2013)
A discrete latent factor model for smoking, cancer and mortality.
WP13_14 (PDF , 1,521kb) (RePec)


WP 13/13
Savage, D.; Fichera, E.; (2013)
Income, rainfall shocks and health. An instrumental variable approach.
13_13 (PDF , 1,029kb) (RePec)


WP 13/12
Eibich, P.; Ziebarth, R.; (2013)
Analyzing Regional Variation in Health Care Utilization Using (Rich) Household Microdata 
13_12 (PDF , 437kb) (RePec)


WP 13/11
Madden, D.; (2013)
Health and wealth on the Roller-Coaster: Ieland, 2003-2011 
13-11 (PDF , 850kb) (RePec)


WP 13/10
Edoka, I.; (2013)
Weather shocks and nutritional status of disadvantaged children in Vietnam 
13_10 (PDF , 798kb) (RePec)


WP 13/09
Contoyannis, P.; Li, J.; (2013)
Family Socio-economic Status, Childhood Life-events and the Dynamics of Depression from Adolescence to Early Adulthood 
WP 2013/09 (PDF , 2,713kb) (RePec)


WP 13/08
Dolan, P.; Lordan, G.; (2013)
Moving up and sliding down: An empirical assessment of the effect of social mobility on subjective wellbeing
Working Paper 13_08 (PDF , 687kb)  (RePec)


WP 13/07
Madden, D.; (2013)
The Poverty Effects of a "Fat-Tax" in Ireland
Working Paper 13_07 (PDF , 421kb)  (RePec)


WP 13/06
Cawley, J.; Von Hinke Kessler Scholder, S.; (2013)
The Demand for Cigarettes as Derived from the Demand for Weight Control
WP13_06 (PDF , 264kb)  (RePec)


WP 13/05
Costa-Font, J.; Hernandez-Quevedo. C.; (2013)
Inequalities in Self-Reported Health: A Meta-Regression Analysis
WP13_05 (PDF , 314kb)  (RePec)


WP 13/04
Madden, D.; (2013)
Self-Reported and Measured BMI in Ireland: Should We Adjust the Obesity Thresholds?
WP 13_04 (PDF , 235kb)  (RePec)


WP 13/03
Madden, D.; (2013)
The Relationship Between Low Birthweight and Socioeconomic Status in Ireland
WP 13_03 (PDF , 192kb)  (RePec)


WP 13/02
Frijters, P.; Johnston, D.W.; Lordan, G.; Shields, M.; (2013)
Exploring the relationship between macroeconomic conditions and problem drinking as captured by Google searches in the US
WP 13_02 (PDF , 1,379kb)  (RePec)


WP 13/01
Fichera, E.; Gathergood, J.; (2013);
House Prices, Home Equity and Health
13_01 (PDF , 1,148kb) (RePec)