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WP 24/05
Perone, G.;
Prioritizing investments in public healthcare to address the COVID-19 outbreak:
Evidence from Europe and the South Caucasus
2405 (PDF , 885kb) (RePec) 

WP 24/04
Fontana, S.; Guccio, C.; Pignataro, G.; Romeo, D.;
Cash Transfers and Health Outcomes: Evidence from Italian Municipalities
2404 (PDF , 1,911kb) (RePec) 

WP 24/03
Marè, M.; Porcelli, F.; Vidoli, F.;
Does private supply drive personal health choices? A spatial approach of health tax detractions at municipal level
2403 (PDF , 2,464kb) (RePec)

WP 24/02
Costi, C.; Migali, G.; Zucchelli, E.;
Intergenerational persistence of education, smoking and birth weight: evidence from three generations
2402 (PDF , 461kb)  (RePec)

WP 24/01
de Mello-Sampayo, F.;
Uncertainty in Healthcare Policy Decisions: An Epidemiological Real Options Approach to COVID-19 Lockdown Exits
2401 (PDF , 1,821kb)  (RePec)