Edible Wentworth

Do you like fresh, home grown food? Who doesn't!

‌‌Wentworth invites all College Members to take part in our exciting project 'Edible Wentworth' as part of the Edible Uni and Edible York initiatives.

Recent Updates from 'Edible Wentworth'

Recent Updates..

Below are some recent Twitter updates from @EdibleWentworth (Twitter updates borrowed with permission!):

How to Get Involved

Who can be involved?

Edible Wentworth is a community project and is open to all College members to get involved - whether you live on campus or not, whether you are green fingered or not!

Find out more

To get regular updates and find out when the next digging or planting sessions are and how else you can get involved you can:

'Edible Wentworth' History

When did Edible Wentworth start?

During 2015 a project team of Wentworth students worked hard to be the founding members of Edible Wentworth to set up the garden fro scratch.  Now becoming establish, fruits, vegetables and herbs are now growing beautifully in the plot outside Wentworth block D1.