Our team are all happy to help and available to talk to should you need.

Whether it's some straightforward advice or a difficult situation, they'll do their best to point you in the right direction.

Your Support Network

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Our reception is at the Ron Cooke Hub. For opening times and contact details, see:

College Administrator

Deals with the day to day running of things. Your first point of contact for general enquiries and support.

College Manager

Your college's operational lead. Oversees welfare issues and can talk through any of your more serious concerns if needed.

College Life Coordinator

Provides welfare and wellbeing support and delivers key student experience projects.

College Life Advisors

Supports college community activity and offers peer support for issues such as homesickness, making friends and settling in to uni life.

Your College Manager: Jonathan Exon

Hi, I’m Jonny, your Langwith College Manager. It’s my responsibility to oversee the wellbeing of our college members and the support that we offer to our students.

I’m keen to ensure that all Langwith students feel welcome and have the opportunity to succeed and thrive at university. I work closely with the College Team and other sections of the University, including Careers and Student Support Services.

Your College Administrator: Chenaiyi De Cordova

Hi, I’m Chenaiyi, your Langwith College Administrator. I'm your first point of contact during office hours and am responsible for providing day-to-day administration for the college.  

I work closely with Accommodation Services, Campus Services, Student Support, and student committees and regularly communicate with residents and college members. If you have a general inquiry or are not sure who to speak to in the first instance, get in touch with me. 

Your College Life Coordinator and Advisors

Langwith College Life Coordinator (CLC) provides welfare and wellbeing support as well as working on projects such as welcome and orientation and college sports. If you have any problems regarding you and your housemates, or would like someone to speak to about a welfare issue, your CLC will be able to help and can escalate things if needed,

Our pair of College Life Advisors (CLAs) are here to support college community activity throughout Langwith. They also help run our Second and Third Year Mentors/Contacts and Student Connect programme, as well as organising college events. If you’ve got an event idea, speak to them!

Your College Principal: Jeremey Jacob

Hi, I’m Jeremy, College Principal of Langwith, and a lecturer in Computer Science. I represent Langwith to our wider community and alumni. I also chair the College Council.

In my view it’s important to note that a college is not a collection of buildings, it is a collection of people working together for their mutual benefit.

Do say hello if you bump into me, whether in the College buildings, as a student in my department, or just around the University.

Langwith College Student Association

Langwith College Student Association are student volunteers, voted in each year.

They spend their time organising things such as your freshers week, college sport and other events, while making sure your voice is heard at Langwith. Find out about who they are and some of the things they do on the Langwith SA website.

Other help and support

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Our reception is at the Ron Cooke Hub. For opening times and contact details, see: