Juan Ramón Candia


PhD Student, Research Assistant, Graduate Teaching Assistant 


His PhD research focusses on Climate Change (CC), digital technologies and innovative business models to tackle CC, where he is looking into the value proposition of emerging highly innovative companies from the UK and the rest of Europe, looking into the barriers and opportunities they face, the way they measure their positive impact on the planet and how their offering is, in some cases, closely connected to
ecosystem services. His research aims to contribute to management theory and provide useful recommendations for practitioners in this sector. 

He also collaborates in research projects related to Net Zero developed by the SBS and other institutions in the UK.


JR is passionate about nature and the planet. He is a sustainability expert with 20+ years of professional experience as high-level manager, team leader, entrepreneur, private consultant, board member of start ups companies, mentor, and as applied researcher on green technologies. He has worked with hundreds of companies from a dozen of industry sectors on issues of innovation, environmental consultancy, clean tech adaptation, climate change, cleaner production, water management, water technologies, risk assessment, remediation of contaminated land, conservation, enforcement of industrial fishing laws, among others. He has worked with multinational companies, governmental agencies, international agencies, NGOs, research centres, academic institutions, etc.

With solid experience in strategic planning, public-private partnerships, leading high performance teams,
establishing successful alliances with organizations from all over the world, building stakeholders relationships, developing new environmental services, leading applied research on green technologies, he has also been speaker in dozens of countries on environmental issues and green innovation. Has been involved in near 400 projects, working with multidisciplinary teams and in multicultural environments.

With a broad international experience, including 2 months in Sweden, 2 months in Germany, 4 months in
Finland, 6 months in Japan, 3 years in New Zealand, plus a 3 months solo trip across Africa. Living in the UK since 2020. Additionally, he has visited over 70 countries.



At the University of York JR has worked as Graduate Teaching Assistant in the following courses:

* Foundations of Business Ethics
* Management Information Systems
* Sustainable Business: Leadership, Innovation and Management (a joint MSc between U. of York and
Maastricht University)


Jr has produced and co-produced 20 (non-scientific) publications on issues such as: water technologies, water management, cleaner production, eco-industrial parks, pollution prevention, sustainable development, risk assessment, remediation of contaminated sites, innovation on clean technologies. Additionally, has done presentations in dozens of conferences in a number of countries in Latin America, North America, Central America, Europe, Oceania, Africa, and Asia.

During his PhD at the UoY, he has presented his research at several academic conferences, including: 20th EUROMA Conference, Berlin; 7th International Conference on New Business Models (Rome); EDAMBA 31st Summer Research Academy (Athens), among others.



School for Business and Society
University of York
Church Lane Building
York Science Park
YO10 5ZF