University of York and Fitch Learning Announce Partnership

News | Posted on Thursday 21 March 2024

The University of York, in an exciting new collaboration with Fitch Learning, is thrilled to announce a unique opportunity for its students: the chance to enrol in the Level 1 Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Program.

This initiative marks a significant step in providing world-class financial education and professional opportunities to University of York students.

Bridging Academic Excellence and Professional Expertise

The University of York is renowned for its academic rigor and commitment to student success. By partnering with Fitch Learning, a CFA Institute Approved Prep Provider, University of York continues to extend its educational horizons into professional finance certifications. This partnership is a testament to the university’s dedication to equipping students with practical skills and industry-recognised qualifications.

John Ashton, Professor of Financial Regulation, said "This is is fantastic opportunity for our students to develop their employability and enhance their future careers. Undertaking the CFA qualification provides a terrific opportunity to develop their careers in finance through following a professionally orientated, ethical and technically challenging qualification."

Dr Helena Pinto, Joint head of Accounting and Finance Group added "Being a University for the public good, we invest in our students to help them prepare for a constantly evolving workplace and fulfil their ambitions to have a successful career in the Finance and investment industry. We are therefore funding a group of MSc students to train with Fitch Learning for the level 1 CFA programme so that we reward and support the learning and excellence of our Master students."

An Instructor-Led Course with Adaptive Learning Technology to Maximise Exam Success

The Level 1 of the CFA Program will be offered onsite at University of York where Fitch Learning expert CFA trainers will take students through key elements of the syllabus and support their self-study. Additionally, students will gain access to Fitch Learning Cognition, an adaptive eLearning platform and mobile app that offers a customised learning experience. This innovative platform assesses individual strengths and weaknesses, providing guidance on essential topics and helping students master challenging areas of the curriculum. By personalising the learning journey, this approach aims to enhance students' confidence and competence in tackling the CFA Program.

Additional Support for Students includes:

  • Personalised Timelines: Students can set their start dates on Fitch Learning Cognition, receiving a tailored study schedule that keeps their preparation on track.
  • Performance Diagnostics: The platform offers detailed progress reports, helping students identify areas needing more attention.
  • Instructor Support: Expert guidance and prompt responses to queries from a dedicated instructor helpdesk.
  • Performance Comparison: Students can access their percentile rankings, offering insights into their performance relative to peers.
  • Self-Help Q&A: A repository of frequently asked questions and instant responses is available, aiding students in their self-study journey.

Extra Exam Prep Resources

In addition to the comprehensive teaching approach, students will also have access to extra exam preparation courses and materials. These resources are designed to provide a thorough understanding of the CFA Program curriculum and to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the exam.

This partnership between the University of York and Fitch Learning is more than just an academic collaboration; it's a gateway for students to advance their careers in finance with a globally recognised credential.